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During an annual service and MOT check should a problem with

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During an annual service and MOT check should a problem with the break discs be found


Hopefully i can help..

Depends on the extent of damage/wear to the disc..normally its down to thickness / pitting,grooves/ or disc surface corrosion to the extent of effecting sufficent braking..normally through an mot the disc surfaces are checked both side /surface area corrosion issues..normally during an annual check the thickness is check aswell as visual inspection..if the thickness is under the manufacturer spec/mm then its advised to have them replaced along with new pads..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The service was done on 20.01.15 I took it back to the garage on 27.01 15 as all did not seem right and was told the brake disc was warped and need ed to be changed surely this should have been diagnosed on the 20th.

..there..thanks reply..

I do agree to somepoint that it should of been spotted intially during the annual check or even mot during brake testing..a warp in the disc is usually caused by the disc overheating..the factors that usually cause that are sticking pads / caliper slides siezed / the caliper at fault or collapsed internally flexi brake line not allow fluid to return back and thus holding the brake on that side..this in turns creates alot of heat/brake smell.pads will eventually crumble due to the excess heat..and of course over time the disc warps and thus you get the pulse through the brake pedal depending on the extent the warp is on the disc....obviously i cant comment on other garages expertise and who ever inspected it..but in that short space of time i cant see a disc warping that quick..I do hope this helps further..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The service and MOT were carried out by a Peugeot Main Dealer, the car has only done 13800 miles would that be enough mileage to cause damage to the disc.....Is it possible to print your reply?


Its not the mileage has you have done that damages the disc - a warped disc is a consequence of the braking system on that side binding on,siezed braking components - thats usually the most common cause - "a bit like the brake still grabing/not full releasing the disc" and creating excess heat that warps the disc during normal driving/motorway drives which normally warps a disc over period of time and that can happen at any givin mileage if left un checked...there is no set mileage that warps a disc.....Im kind of suprised "but this depends on the extent of the warp,run out on that disc" it wasnt picked up on the brake testing machine during mot..normally it it would be something to ask/enquire about... Yes its possible to copy and paste or print this conversation out..I do hope this helps further

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