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Robert, Peugeot Technician
Category: Peugeot
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i own a 2010 partner van and i done an or flush with the whole

Customer Question

i own a 2010 partner van and i done an or flush with the whole gallon of oil flush,when i started the engine with the flush in it sounded like a tin of nuts and bolts,ok i thought maybe this oil is thin,let it run for ten mins anddrained it,put the new oil in .5w30w as recomended from supplier andstarted sounded the thought f**k it,ill get it to the supplier .anyway after looking at it we come to the conclusition that no oil was reaching the head as was the noise.they said the slug id washed round the engine had blocked the pickup pipe .on the way home driving slowly and stopping occaisionaly.i took the sump of to find the pipe was sparkling clean(40000 mile )van just as i thought.then my friend whose a mechanic said the oil pump,so i took that of.the early pumps are just a cog that turns and are easy to see theres nothing wrong on that part .this is a dv6ated4 engine.can anyone advise on this problem ive got a new pump which ill put on but i cant see this curing it and think there must be a problem in the head
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


What was the reason for flushing the engine?

I asume this noise wasnt present before the flush was done?

Any oil warning lights come on after this was done or any other warning come up?

Where exactly does this noise seem to emit from?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

there was no reason only my mate said buy him some flush on ebay then he didnt want it,so stupid me thought ill use it,the last oil change i done a flush with the small bottle you get from asda.i assume it does hert only helps ,now i no not to flush these engines .the noise seems top of the engine tappety and the oil warning lite comes onwen runnig

Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Ok..I never advise anyone to flush or supermarket flush of all things in an engine,especially at that mileage - sometimes that can wash away lubrication that builds up around the bearings which you dont want to do,and cause a whole load of problems internally..only time you would use such fluids is after a cross contamination fault with water and oil..any other time you shouldn't have to flush an engine, regular oil and filter changes does can flush,run the engine with some cheap oil.thats normally the best way - then drain that out - replace your oil filter and then add your better stuff after which,so your you havent lost any of the lubrication that forms around the bearing/gaps... If your oil light is on then it means you may have Low Oil Pressure - i would of advised getting the oil pressure checked before you went straight in with the oil pump replacement..just to confirm really..but seeing as its off and another to be fitted then you have no option now but to fit it and hope for the other thing i dont see you have mentioned.unless you have done it the Oil Filter - has that been checked or replaced,it could be blocked...other than that..if that noise wasnt there before your flush.. could be due the oil pump or blockage elsewhere through the oil passages not allowing oil to reach up to the top end..or the vital lubriaction that forms around the bearings/lifters/gaps has been washed out..which means normally top end at fault..but try fitting the oil pump / change filter is not already done and see if that makes any differance..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

that is the what i was going to do and what i thought that some blockage occured..forgot to mention at the time of running the engine there was no oil spitting from the head when i took the oil top up cap of.thats why i assume pump or blockage

Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.

Normally like i say it very rare for anyone to flush an engine out with any type of flush product..i do it very rarely myself unless its actually required because some of that flush residue left over in the passage - can actually be quite difficult to get rid of out the engine completely - you no doubt need to add a cheap oil and then run that thorugh upto to temp and drain off then add more again run that upto temp and drain off before adding the good stuff..but most often if the engine is oil /filter service routinely then you should never have to that.... You dont say what product of flush you normally advise the range of engine flush that Forte does..bottle with a white top...and try that..but put the only thing you can do now is get the pump back on and fit everything back and try the cheap oil changes as suggest above if the new pump doesnt work out...