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how do I find the crookshank position sensor on a Peugeot 207cc

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how do I find the crookshank position sensor on a Peugeot 207cc 1.6 gt turbo?


Do you have your VIN number "vehicle identification number"? and i'll see what i can find.. im asuming its VTI engine

Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Hi..there..thanks for that..

It will be under engine speed sensor - ive located the diagram based on your engine you have..its actually located under the starter at the back lower part of the engine as it bolted to the gearbox bellhousing - located behind that plate as in the pic you'll see the wiring disappear into..the sensor itself is held with one star bolt....if you havent looked there upto now then that would be the next place to far as the sensors goes "crank position/engine speed sensor" on that engine that about the only place/area on that engine it will be...i do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The sensor is on the other side of the engine. Sorry

Where exactly on the other side then? considering ive worked on these before..and I have your engine diagram

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Apologies, I was passing on info from hubby and he now says he misread the diagram and yes it was by the starter motor. He just cant now figure how to get the starter motor out!

Happy to change my response.



I never had to remove the starter,it pretty tight but it can be done..just that plate then you'll see the sensor and the star torx screw....if you need to remove it..the he'll notice that the starter is held with 3 long bolts - 2 face or come out towards the drivers side.. the other is at the top and comes out towards the passenger side - id say to get at least enough to remove the charge air tubes those that run between the battery and the engine itself..those that come away from the turbo and the airbox.the airbox too take that small clip to depress down the back of the air box and slide up and can also remove the battery itself too,you will need to disconnect that before working on the starter anyway..wait 3 minutes before doing so..the disconnet and remove the battery..this should then give enough room and view down over the gearbox to get at the top bolt..sometimes you can remove the batttery tray if required..but as above you dont need to remove the electrical connections just the starter enough to get clearnace if required to get at the sensor..
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks Robert - we now think it is not the knocking sensor. There is a rumbling/knocking sound all the time, but seems to go at higher speeds. The engine fan is now constantly on as well. Although Paul thinks he may have left something unclipped was last week.

Any suggestions?



If the fault as per what you describe wasnt there before..then i would certainly retrace the steps taken to get at the crank sensor..there is of course your thermostat housing on that side of the cylinder head in which it should have the temp sensor on it unless it intigrated which is the old type..ensure the plug connections to that are plug in..because if the sensor is unplugged then the ecu puts it into default mode and the fans run at high speed all the time even from cold unless the sensors at certainly check that temp sensor or 4 pin plug connector depending on what thermostat housing you have there... as for the rumbling/knocking..hard to say without hearing it..could be engine missfire .have you made sure the knock sensor hasnt been th

ats round the back of the engine quite near the starter or above it and near the water/coolant bypass pipe that runs along the back of the engine..if you follow the plastic body of the thermostat housing round the back of the engine you come to end of the bypass pipe..below on the cylinder block you should find the knock sensor held by a single bolt through the centre on the block itself.check the plug connection is still on it...if it has any engine warning lights on during this problem..then it might be worth see what the ecu has picked up on.