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2012 Peugeot 508 SW Allure with Stop Start

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I've just bought a 2012 Peugeot 508 SW Allure with Stop Start technology but the engine never stops. I get a blue 'eco' light flash on the bottom of the RPM dial when I stop at lights or engage neutral, but the engine keeps running. It still won't stop even if the aircon is all off, lights off, and the engine has been running for considerable time and distance. Why is this? How do I fix it?


Hopefully i can help..

There are things that would de-activate or invoke it automatically from working under certain situations for example there maybe low voltage in regards ***** ***** battery detected by the cars ecu / the car engine hasnt reached its desired temperature

/ ambiant temperature can also play a part in disabling it too / aswell as the maintain comfortable temp within your cabin so the engine has to be running to maintaine that,..From what you say it doesnt sound like a problem to me,normal stop start works when you come to a stop the eco light comes on and the engine goes off..then when you want to move off the engine starts eco light goes out and the timer reset again for the next stop - if stop/start isnt available or invoked then it will just flash for a few seconds and go out but engine will still be running...normally if a problem does surface with that the stop/start system the eco light flashes then just stays solid on all the time and that when you'll need to dealer level scan tool to find out whats gone wrong...You should have an eco off button just on the right hand side of dashboard or under your stop start button if i recall on the 508 try pressing that to deactivate and then reactivate and see if that helps..but as above it might seem theres a problem but i dont think there is to be honest...I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have tried running with the system off and siting it back on, and I've tried fastineng my seat belt prior to starting the engine as one forum suggested that that may be the issue. Where would you recommend I take it to see what the problem is - can I just go into a dealer and ask them or will that cost me a ton of money that I don't need to spend?


To be honest from what your saying or describing it doesnt sound like a problem to me..yes if the drivers seat belt is not fastened it wont activate either..

nor will it activate if the EPB "electronic handbrake is activated" amoungst other things... to have the system checked out..the only place that can do that properly with desired equipment or diagnostic software would have to be the dealer im afraid unless you can fond someone local who has upto date peugeot planet diagnostic equipment to check the system is operating or shows faults if any...if its a check then you would only be paying for the diagnostic test plus the rates the dealer sets for doing so to check that advice would to phone them first or even ask in at a local dealer
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