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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Hiya. I've a 106 independence. All of a sudden its become difficult

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Hiya. I've a 106 independence. All of a sudden its become difficult to start. The engine turns over but struggles to fire. Once started the revs drop below 10,000 & the engine stalls.
The engine will also stall when coming to a halt, Traffic lights etc. I have changed the plugs & coil to no effect. Also the garage I took it to is showing no fault codes.


What engine size is the car/fuel type etc..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1.1 independence petrol


Id say as far as checks go what about the - idle air control valve/throttle body for gumming up..might be worth cleaning those up and then see if any change is made,using carb cleaner..restriction in the intake..has the air filter been checked - fuel pressure has that been checked - they need to fully confirm that fuel pressure is ok or within spec to rule out any issues as far as the fuel pump is concerned - or if low pressure due to a clogged fuel filter maybe by running the car low on fuel can have an effect on fuel delivery and hence difficult starting/poor responce cutting out...the only other sensor that may cause this is the crank angle sensor.but normally if faulty should show at least fault code..due it dropping out resulting in no spark at the as above there a few other areas to check out if not already done upto this point..I note you do mention the sparkplugs being changed by whom you don't say but it might of been worth at the same time of pulling the old plugs out to do a compression test on each cylinder just to rule out any compression issues...I do hope this helps

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