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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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my 2005 307 is over heating but not all the time thermostat

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my 2005 307 is over heating but not all the time thermostat has been changed this has not cured the problem


What engine does it have?

How do you mean overheats sometimes? at cold / during driving??

Do you hear the fans kick in when this occurs?

Any loss of coolant or bubbling?

What other checks bar the thermostat have they checked upto now?

Do you have the VIN number handy.. "vehicle identification number"?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it has a 1998 cc engine during driving yes the fan do kick in no loss of coolant no bubbling vin number is ***** this may help the car is a australian import

Hi..there..I have your car now..

Have they replaced the water temp sender on the housing the thermostat is bolted too..if they havent and according to the specs or images of your engine you should have one..the sensor is on the same side as the thermostat but part of ther larger housing bolted the side of the cylinder head..the sensor has a green body.and easy to replace as its only held with a circlip..replace the sensor with its new o ring and see if that solves the issue..sometimes these temp sensors can play up alot on these cars so its best to start there... The other probable cause could be an issue with the water pump..have they checked the water pump is performing doing/pressure test the system..if the water pumps failing then that too can cause overheating..if its suspect then it needs to be done asap as it run off the timing belt...What about ensuring the system is bled properly again this needs to be done with the heaters set wide open to hot and the bled screws opened to allow all air to be expelled from the system...through experiance of these id certainly start at the water temp sensor on the housing like i say its quite common for these to play up and cause warning like that to crop up intermittently..the only way to know if the engine is physically overheating is to compare reading on the diagnostic machine to a infra red digital thermometer pointed at the engine cylinder head and compare....but as above if this hasnt already been changed then that sensor would be best thing to replace...failing that then other checks test need to be well as for blockages within the radiator example...... I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks you for the info the garage has fitted a temp sensor but the thermostat dos not allways open it is a component thermostat not a peugeot one could this be a problum


There is a sensor on the thermostat itself - but there should also be one on the main housing the thermostat housing is bolted too "green body" - have they checked the wiring to be sure..if its shouldnt be a problem..but having said that normally whenever ive done thermostats on pretty much any newer peugeot we always get them via the dealer...if all checks out as above and the futher checks i mentioned as per the coolant system/pump/blockages the next checks would likely have to be diagnostically to establish whether the faults in the ecu..but as above if that other sensor hasnt been replaced then it worth trying that...I do hope this helps further

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you Robert for the next answer i am getting a second opinion from another garage mick palmer