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my peugeot 206 started to overheat while waiting in traffic after a fairly long drive i

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hi my peugeot 206 started to overheat while waiting in traffic after a fairly long drive it was making a rattling noise coming from the engine i switched the engine off and it cooled down and drove fine home but when stopped at a friends house for 10 mins with engine running it started rattling again


Best thing to check id say would be the main fan assembly at the radiator..inspect the fan itself has come loose in some way if it has then it needs replaced becuase it not cooling the radiator.coolant sufficently hence the overheating whilst sitting stationary - also inspect the coolant reservior and ensure the coolant level hasnt fallen..if it has then you may have leak that needs investigated or traced down - the next check would to carefully listen and when this rattle occurs if say its from within the timing cover or pulley side of the engine..then it likely the water pump is nearing failure and has to be changed asap as the pump will be driven by the timing belt..if the pump fails then so will the timing belt and damage the engine/ as above a few checks to make from here.but with the description of your mention id say the main cooling fan at the radiator would be your best place to start checks wise.I do hope this helps

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