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I have a 2002 307 HDI diesel 2ltr. About 2 weeks ago the clutch

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I have a 2002 307 HDI diesel 2ltr. About 2 weeks ago the clutch failed and this was replaced by a local garage, this also included a replacement flywheel. Ever since the car has struggled to start and takes about three/four attempts when cold in a morning and two/three attempts at other times, however yesterday it took a worrying ten attempts to start. The garage have looked at the problem and said the battery and starter motor are ok but suggested that it may need a new set of glow plugs but I have read on Peugeot forums that the glow plugs only affect starting when very cold. Before having the clutch replaced it always started first time, even in the coldest weather. The care has done 120k miles. Any advise you can offer would be appreciated.


I couldnt see glowplugs cause this to be honest..on hdi's anyway glowplugs are very rarely used unless the outside temperature is way below freezing - and as you mention the car started ok prior to flywheel/clutch renewal so glowplugs cant be the issue - id say as long as the flywheel has been set right as if i recall the crank speed sensor monitors that - then from what you describe it could well be fuel system related problem..the fuel filter is over the gearbox side so ist "possible" that maybe one of the lines is damaged or the filter itself is allowing air ingress and thus this cause fuel system to drop pressure and thus you get the bad starting..Hdi's are very sensitive to fuel say if there are indeed alot of air bubbles in the lines..some are clear fuel lines so they would see that..if there is alot of air bubbles floating about in the lines "depending what hdi you have see if the priming bulb is hard or not"..if it isnt after running or you can start the engine better by priming it..then the fuel system is getting air in..and that needs to be tracked down checking all the lines and fittings,replace filter housing is need be etc...I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for your reply. Can I ask where the priming bulb would be located?

Hi.. it should be inline with the feed fuel line to filter..but bear in mind that some Hdi's dont have them due to reason for them having an intank pump that drags fuel upto the filter from the fuel tank...but the fuel system would need to be checked as starting point anyway for small leaks however small..even at the leak off spill lines between the aswell inspection and ensure the ect sensor on the thermostat housing at that side is also connected properly as any fault wheither cold/hot starting can be down to a fualt ect sensor..but id say have the fuel system checked first..
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