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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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207 Misfiring when starting engine, engine management light

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207 Misfiring when starting engine, engine management light on and antipollution fault?


What fault codes are they saying is flagging up when tested?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Robert, the fault code is P0170 - Powertrain: fuel trim bank 1.


Not sure why the T-belt,pulleys would need replaced for this type of code..or the coil - i get the feeling they're just replacing parts on the off chance its solves the issue..Normally P0170 can usually be triggered by some form of leak, either inlet gasket,throttle housing,mass air flow - or exhaust-manifold or in theory you really need to check for intake,inducation leaks,EVAP etc...generally you can do this ideally on a cold engine,and with some brake cleaner,straw attachment go around specific areas around the inlet manifold,or where its bolted to block to see if that stumbles the engine,to highight any sort of induction leak thats messing up the fuel mixtures,ie: the ecu trying to compensate for the extra unmetered air..smoke machine can also do checks like that too for vacuum leaks etc...

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