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ABS Light stays on on my 206 GTI. Any ideas why? My mechanic

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ABS Light stays on on my 206 GTI. Any ideas why? My mechanic has put a diagnostic on it but it was coming up that it was not communicating with the cars computer. I understand that there is a diagnostic pack for Peugeot would this be better?


I asume this is the ABS unit module they replaced?

What diagnostic scanner are they using?

Any prior repairs done on the car before this warning came up?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Robert yes it was the abs module we tried to replace but it didn't make any difference . Don't know what diagnostic scanner he has. I haven't carried out any work since I have the car and I have had it since October. I did notice on one of the bills that came with the car that a previous owner had had the abs cable on the brakes sorted because they had the same problem before a previous mot


Pretty expensive gamble to replace the module without knowing exactly why the ABS is flagging up - there are places online that can actually help repair the original unit.but having said that normally you need to see if the codes relate to a faulty module or means however the ABS has stored fault codes when that warning is up on the dash - its sounds however your mechanics diagnostic scanner isnt upto the job of getting into the module to retrive those codes if cant communicate with it.some scanners are like that unless you have top end scanner or dedicated dealer level software like peugeot planet is the only way..have they checked the multiplug pins are clean at the moduel just incase the pins maybe corroded slightly.some electrical contact cleaner into it and let it dry then refit just incase...the abs cables or sensors would likely be the best place to start.but you really need to know what the fault codes are before knowing which sensor to check or replace even..but before hand you could inspect the cables and the plug connectors on them all the same..also make an inspection of the trigger/target ring on the inner cv housing as it enters the hub..this is what the abs sensor monitors - so if the ring is cracked or lost teeth or heavily corroded then that too can cause the abs light to flag up in regards ***** ***** signal.if corroded then just spray brake cleaner all the way round the ring and fine wire brush to clean anything else off and see if that again those have to be checked..but ideally you need to find someone locally who can actually interogate the abs module/monitor the system on live data whislt the cars driven or even to pull the codes and see whats being logged..I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks for your prompt reply . I will try what you suggested and see if my mechanic can get hold of the Peugeot diagnostic pack. Many thanks once again

Hi..there.. no problem..glad to help.. the peugeot planet is a laptop based diagnostic system so they will need a good laptop to use that on.dont get anything of ebay from china or cloned bear that in mind....but alternatively you could phone around and see if anyone has better scanner or as above just to pull the codes so to speak..least then you'll have something to work on..