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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Robert, 407SW, on the highway this morning the fifth gear

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Hi Robert, 407SW, on the highway this morning the fifth gear was suddenly gone, no strange sounds were noticed, just no power. All other gears work. Any idea?


5th gear is closest to outside of the gearbox - So most likely the nut that holds the gear onto the shaft has backed all the way it can be possible to remove the cover plate on the side of the gearbox to check and whether it can be repaired or require the gearbox to be replaced,you'll know that once it been investigated but will obviously have to renew the gearbox oil as a result to check the fifth to safety in should be fine but taking it easy,driving etc..until as such it can be checked...I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Thanks! I took the car home yesterday in 4th ... as smooth as possible. It will be checked on Thursday, so then I will know more. I will let you know the outcome, if you're interested.

Is this a known problem for Peugeot? I read a bit on internet fora, by now, and have the impression that I'm not the only one ... will this type of things mostly end with repair, or with exchanging the gearbox?

Best regards,


Hi.there Hans..

Its not an unknown fault with the gearboxes in those cars,you can actually get a repair kit for the fault - the fact you dont get drive in that gear may suggest the nut has loosened off..but like i say only way to know is to get that cover plate off..other issues could be the gear has failed completely..but of course you would experiance alot of noise from the box in particular proceeding or trying to selecting into 5th etc and this of course can send fine metal particles into the box resulting in it having to be overhaulled,cleaned or whole unit replaced,there also fault regarding 5th and reverse thats often due to selector cable issues..- as to the repair..only once an inspection has been done will you know other wise..but often some can be repaired but other require replacement..but then ontop of that you would be looing at including the clutch when the box is out depending on its mileage and the condition the clutch is in of course..

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