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I have a Peugeot 306 which has had a fault with the speedometer

Customer Question

I have a Peugeot 306 which has had a fault with the speedometer cutting out intermittently for quite some time. Recently I was informed that my brake lights weren't working. I took it to a garage the next day and was told it was probably the brake light switch had gone. Unfortunately, due the design of the car a £7 part cost me the labour of lowering the steering wheel column and having to remove part of the dashboard to get to the switch, which was replaced. I was happy the lights were working again but I kept checking by reversing up to windows and checking in other car headlights etc. I was worried that two days later I couldn't see any red reflections and this after a day of reversing in a car park and seeing that all my brake lights were on whilst reversing, despite the fact I wasn't braking. Now, the lights not working I started braking slowly at traffic lights and the engine just cut out. STOP light in red on dash and just oil and battery light illuminated, and handbrake light as I had engaged it. Luckily by turning ignition to battery I managed to restart it. As I was on way to garage this morning going up a hill I braked gently and shifted down a gear and the engine cut out again, luckily due to momentum it restarted itself. I have left it at garage and he is going to check brake light switch again, I am beginning to think the engine cutting out is linked to the faulty brakes but mechanic said they are on different systems... It seems like some sort of more electrical-type fault to me, I can't really trust the new brake light switch really if it is leading to more problems. What do you think? Thank you.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


The brake light switch can also link main inputs for idle control are, brake light switch/circuit, vehicle speed sensor - cam/crank sensors, MAF sensor - if the brake lights stay on then normally that can be down to faulty brake light switch " make sure they fitted a genuine one " or the switch itself hasnt been adjusted properly and thus when your foots off the brake the switch could still be causing the brake lights to stay thay may want to double check that.adjustment wise maybe.. as far as the speedo fault place to start is the/trace or locate the speedo sensor and check its wiring for bad contacts "considering its an intermitent fail of the speedo" or replace the sensor itself..i do hope this helps