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I have 406 1.8 petrol, 5 speed manual.. I have no gears when

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I have 406 1.8 petrol, 5 speed manual.. I have no gears when in motion. Does this mean there is no clutch or lack of fluid? And where do I put the fluid?
Hi..there..apologies for the delay..

Was there any issues prior to loosing all gears? ie:- stiffness or clutch problems?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Only had trouble the day before when I was driving the car I had trouble engaging gears but after a couple of pump on clutch it was fine


The key areas to be checking id say is to ensure that the gearbox is selecting as per through the gearstick is to check the linkages are still intact on the slector mounts ontop of the gearbox - the next check is the driveshafts both right a left side and ensure one hasnt actually failed and lost all drive regardless to what gear your check those - the next area is for fluid wetness around the clutch master cylinder above the clutch pedal/pedal box also check the slave cylinder on the gearbox and check that too for leaks..any loss of pressure in the clutch hydraulics will stop you being able to disengage the clutch with the engine running to get in and out of gear -you would also need someone in the car depress the clutch a few times so you can observe the slave moving the clutch lever..if its does then you can asume the hydraulic side is ok - then that leaves the clutch assembly itself..with the handbrake on and engine running if you can feel no bite on the clutch when in any gear or change in engine rpm's as it stands then id say the faults likely a burnt out clutch.but sadly to check means getting the gearbox off to see and confrim that provided everything else as above is seems to be ok......but i doubt it will be gearbox oil related - you would know if that was the case due to a leakage around the gearbox itself or around the inner cv joints as they enter the diff housing any leakage round that would mean seal failure..and any lack of oil in the gearbox would create a lot of gear/whining noise from the box and pretty much difficulty in getting into any gear especially reverse..I do hope this helps
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