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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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I have a 3008Sport Saloon, 2010 WX60 JPJ. which lost motive

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I have a 3008Sport Saloon, 2010 WX60 JPJ. which lost motive power for a while, but now ok. The diagnostics say that there is an 'interference problem' with the injector. The AA said that the diagnostics said there was a 'short circuit' n injector for cylinder 1.
I am being advised that I need to replace the whole rack of injectors. This makes no sense to me as it is an electrical fault, not an mechanical one! Surely it is a problem in the ECU or the circuitry?
I would value your advice


The injector is controlled by the ecu/commanded to open by the not fully mechanical - if as you say there a short circuit on injector 1..then its either the injector itself or the wiring to or from that injector to the ecu - normally the procedure is to check resistance of the injector and then the connectivity of the wiring from the ecu pins to that injector - i see that your engine is a Diesel 1.6 Hdi,155 engine (dv6c) so the injectors are seperate but fed by the injector supply rail which feeds all 4 injectors via their own supply its strange that they are replacing all of could be that they have been instructed to replace the entire injector set/supply rail to ensure the system isnt disturded due to the nature of the hdi high pressure's that section of the injection system creates - rather than to replace that possible defective injector number 1..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please do before you rate

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