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I have a 2004 Peugeot 206. I have been noticing an oil

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Hi. I have a 2004 Peugeot 206. I have been noticing an oil leak where I have parked the car for a period of time (eg. overnight or all day in the carpark at work),although the oil level on the dash has remained at "max". Over the last few days I've heard a "groaning" sound when I've been turning the wheel during parking manoeuvres or when the car is stationary. Is this sound likely to be due to the new front tyres I've just put on the car, or a power steering oil leak?

From what you describe is regards ***** ***** steering noise and the leak - could well be as you say a power steering fluid leak - any loss of oil can cause the power steering pump to run noiser than it the first check id say is to check the power steering fluid level and pretty much trace the power steering system itself for the said starting off at the reservior for the fluid and then check around the pump at the belt side and follow the lines all the way to steering rack and see if you come across a leak..once found then you'll be in a better position knowing what needs to be replaced to fix this..I do hope this helps...If you require to ask anything further then just continue before you rate
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

OK... So I will need to take it to a garage to be fixed then? How much is it likely to cost?


First of all you 'll need to be certain is power steering fluid..if you check your fluid level for the power steering and is matches the oil that seems to be leaking out tied in with the fact the steering noise.. no doubt the pump possibiliy - then If your unbale to sort this out your self..then yes a garage would need to be employed to recitify this or at least trace the leak on the system before replacing anything..once you know whats at fault then you'll have better idea on a cost..You dont mention what engine you have in the car..but if say the power steering pump is leaking - you could actually source one from a breakers normally around £30 and then hours max labour ontop for fitting..its pretty difficult to say on costs at this early stage..considering we dont know where the leaks from on the system as mentioned above that the first move as per investigating to get a rough idea on costs..
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