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A friend of mine had a clutch replaced in Nov 407 hdi he

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Hi A friend of mine had a clutch replaced in Nov 407 hdi he cannot get drive puts into gear wont drive. all linkage ok but when you put foot down on clutch it seems to go down 3/4 of travel feels like clutch disengaged. When stationery you can hear gears going in but you can move car in gear like you are sat with foot on clutch.
Regards Dave.
Was it a garage that put the clutch in?
I asume replacement was just through normal wear and tear and not sudden failure?
What brand of clutch was put in?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi He had a mobile mechanic do the clutch he has tried to ring him but he does not answer no idea on make of clutch do you think its a faulty clutch strange symtums.
Regards Dave.
To get no drive at all in any gear - could suggest he may have put the clutch disc friction plate on the wrong way round maybe,thats one possible idea.however you dont say in what way the old clutch failed as this "could" of had a knock on effect on the flywheel itself.which has to be properly inspected before any new clutch is installed..and as suspectedbeing fitted a DMF those certainly need to be properly inspected....are you postive the driveshafts that go into the diff housing on the gearbox are full in..might be worth checking that - what about jacking one side up at the front..handbrake fully on - then start the car up and put in in gear and see if the wheels turn..if they dont..then something clearly wrong id say on the installation of the clutch assembly...if it where the hydraulic side/clutch operation to disengage the clutch id suspect you would get alot of grinding due the clutch disc not clearly properly if it was installed correctly...i know it frustrating for your friend having to get the gearbox pulled back off to check the clutch assembly is indeed installed correctly as is the clutch fricition disc is the correct way thats about the only thing bar checking the obvious as far as ensuring the driveshafts are fully home in the gearbox and the gear selector cables are full attached properly..there nothing else you can do bar what ive suggested above..the down side is you need to get the car recovered to a garage to check this out unless you can get a hold of the mechanic that did it and recheck his work..which normally on most clutch jobs are guaranteed on parts/labor...Pretty surprised the mechanic who did your friends clutch didnt actually take the car on a test drive after the work was done.....
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