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My daughter has a 52 206 which requires a new head gasket and

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My daughter has a 52 206 which requires a new head gasket and oil pressure switch. It runs very well and only has 53k on the clock. What kind of cost would you estimate for this and do you think it's worth replacing as the car is in good nick ?

What engine does it have?

I note you mention "its runs well" - so why has the headgasket/oil pressure switch been found to be faulty or requires replacement?

What testing/checks was carried out or issues with the car led to those requiring replacement?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It is a 1.4 petrol but started to leak small amounts of oil. Coolant level not affected.


If it leaking small amounts of oil doesnt mean the headgasket is at fault unless it actually physically leaking oil out along the seem between the head and the block..or one of the oil galleries passageways is allowing oil into the cylinder"s" either way i would strongly suggest that is ruled out for sure to be your issue than go down the route of unnecessary it doesnt just involve the headgasket'll need the full timing belt kit along with the water pump - if it the oil presure switch causing your leak then thats reletively cheap job to do as it just replacement of the switch itself and thats if the oil leak you mention is indeed from the switch then thats all that should be required to fix that...if all had to be replaced above..i wouldnt be surprised you'd be looking at £800-£900 bill to be honest inc the parts/vat advice would be to be 100% sure the headgasket is at fault and then get the best quotes locally you can get from reputable garages to carry out the work...

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