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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Hoping you could help me I have a Peugeot Partner Horizon

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Hi Hoping you could help me I have a Peugeot Partner Horizon wheelchair adapted vehicle and find that when two or more adults sit in the back the van sinks quite low to the point where the exhaust catches and hits the road when travelling and going over small/mild pumps is there a way the rear suspension can be made a little higher or tighter to stop it sinking as low, I'm sure im only talking about an inch many thanks
What the registration number?
With no one in the the rear still sitting too low as far as you can tell?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi the Reg is SF09MYA no it looks as it should when parked, it has on a couple of occasions dropped some what (noticeable) when weight is added
Ok..these vehicles/vans will have axle beam set up,they generally are fitted with heavy duty rear axle set up anyway - and the suspension is made up of torsion bars/the axle beam will have one shock absorber at either side...
For adjustment? there's not alot of options with that type of axle set per addons to make it stiffer or heighten - The options really for that is by adjusting the both torsion bars..this "has" to be done in a garage on a level surface or ramp to be able to keep both sides even and measured distance between the wheel/hub to body is the they need to pull the torsion bar out adjust,twist it,it will have splined teeth on the end so it has to be adjusted as per teeth on both sides,one bar for each side on the axle beam/ to get trailing arm height the same on both sides..but sometimes these bars can get siezed thats something that will be faced by the garage doing the job..
Of course other factors in that possible torsion bar breakage needs to be checked out..axle beam trailing arm bearings need checked for excess play aswell as weak/leaking rear shocks all needs to be taken into account before making any adjustments as far as the torsion bars go..but thats about really all you can do with these...I do hope this helps
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