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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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What milage could you exspect a peugeot boxer 3.5t LWB to do

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what milage could you exspect a peugeot boxer 3.5t LWB to do do they have any faults
What sort of body is the vehicle? ie:- motorhome? pick up? panel van?
Whats its service and repair history?
Registration number if you have it?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
its panel van reg 2009 good service history dont know much about these vans it does look in good condition well looked after any thing you can tell me about these motors would be appreciated
Normally with any panel history is an absolute must to look into.. if its had an easy life then its worth going for..service history is a good thing to look into too so you need to ensure that the belts including the timing belt has been done here..if not then thats something you certainly need to bear in mind getting carried out depending on the mileage & years id say would be every 5 years...During starting ensure it does fully start on the key especially cold..being an HDI engine in should do that...If not then its likely theres a fuel system problem..also inspect around the injectors for carbon.presense of deisel fuel around the where the injectors fit into the cylinderhead as this seen can mean having to get the injectors pulled which isnt an easy or cheap on test drive ensure the clutch has good bite and isnt vibrating this can mean dmf issues..also one test drive carefully listen for transmission noise.vibration through the gearstick or increased effort or lack of getting into and across from 2nd to 5th gearboxes are a fairly common issue on them..EGR issues are very common on them - being electronicially controlled these tend to cause all sorts of starting and power delivery issues so ensure the van still has plenty of pull should i say and no engine lights come on during which.. Body wise another common issue seen is the sliding door if fitted..ensure that does operate ie: lock,close if not then its more than likely the contact strip/plate mounted on the van body that the sliding door contacts too...overall these vans arent too bad for major issues bar the most common ive seen above..but its based purely on history and use when it comes to buying such vehicles would determine other wear and tear items you would face having to recitify
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