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We have a peugeot(###) ###-####.has been idle while so

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Hi..we have a peugeot(###) ###-####.has been idle for a while so have tried to start with jump leads. The electics come on but when you turn the key to start; it makes a elongated tapping noise. Could this be the starer motor. It does not turn over or attempt to turn over.
How long has the car actually sat un-used?
Do the ignition/dash lights dim when the starters chattering?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
the car has been idle since approx April this year when it had a service. It has also had a new battery. A garage did start it about 10 days ago with no initial problems. But it wasnt actually driven and has not had a run for quite some time. The lights come on, the windscren wipers work etc..but not sure if they dim when the chattering occurs. After the chattering stopped..the headlights seemed to come on for just a second or two.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi...Is the chat still live?
Its still possible the battery is totally flat..and not producing enough power to turn the engine over but just enough to power other things..the starter does use quite alot of power to turn the engine over until the alternator kicks in to keep the battery topped up..Jump starting might not be enough or ensure the clamps are fully connected/good contact on both vehicles and leave the running vehicle for about 5minutes to send enough power through and then try the car again...Make sure the connections on the battery are fully tight of course....Normally to recharge a battery you must drive the vehicle for upto 8miles at the most to get the battery back maybe from the last time it did start wasnt enough to ensure the battery was fully charged like i say its possible the battery you have simply doesnt have enough power or you may actually have another issue altoghther like a parasytic draw on the battery...Best thing to do if possible is get the battery off the car and charge it on a trickle charger..and then once thats done refit the battery and see if that works..if not? and the starters still chattering..then try rocking the vehicle back and forth in gear and jolt the starter on the ignition just to be sure the starter isnt jammed...failing that then the next step is to test that a proper feed is reaching the starter when the keys at the start and too check the connections on both the starter and main earth points etc...if there is a proper feed getting the starter on start position then steps will need to be taken to remove the start and test off the car unless you can send a 12v direct the starter on the car to prove its the starter or not at fault..that maybe something to leave to a auto electrician or garage that jumped it the last time around..But as a starting point if have the battery taken off and charged on trickle charger if you have one..or like i say above ensure the connections on the both cars have good contact just incase the jumpleads you have arent upto the job..some jump leads can be like that..the really thin guage type..I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you very much for your assistance; we will try charging it more and maybe swap a battery from another car. If all else fails we will call breakdown! Thanks very much for all your comments!
Hi..No problem...few things to try and check above anyway..
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