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I'm Janet. I recently had my Peugeot 206 serviced. Haven't

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Hi I'm Janet. I recently had my Peugeot 206 serviced. Haven't driven it much since but tonight when I turned into my driveway I found it really hard and thought I had a flat tyre. I didn't know anything about power steering fluid. Is this an expensive job?
Normally on the 206's they use a hydraulic power steering system so with the steering becoming heavy means the usual checks are checking the power steering fluid - you note nearst the belt side of the engine bay a reservior with a cap and red steering wheel symbol on it..remove the cap and check inside and ensure there is enough fluid..if its dry or low as the cap will have a small dipstick on it..then its means you have leak somewhere thats needs costing would be diffcult to say at this the mean time you can refill it it with power steering fluid - after which turn the steering all the way left to right. full lock in either direction - one other check you should make is the belt down the side of the engine..or drivers side of the engine where the power steering pump pulley is driven by and see if the belt is still there and hasnt actually not drive to the pump means the power steering simply wont work.. Of course other things can cause the steering to become heavy ie: top mounts bearing seizure or steering rack issues/siezed balljoint..but as above the best place to start is the power steering fluid check..then the normally the best checks here..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your help. I think I'll take it to my garage. I'm limited to filling the car with petrol and oil and putting air in the tyres. In the meantime, is it ok for me to drive or will it cause damage?
If the power steering has failed..depending on the fault on the system itself - it will just be like driving a car without power steering as your seeing now..if the PS.Pump is running dry due to lack of fluid or loss of fluid say..then over time the pump will just wear or become noisey in operation leading to more expense in the long run having to get that replaced,so in that view it might be best to leave it..but without actually diagnosing the fault with the car in front of me..then i can only advise as above.but at a push id say only use the car unless you really have too..I do hope this helps further....Please dont forget to rate my responce above..greatly appreciated..
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