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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Robert. My partner has a Peugeot 206 1.4 lx 8v (99) 84k and we are trying to identify i

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HI Robert. My partner has a Peugeot 206 1.4 lx 8v (99) 84k and we are trying to identify if it has a worn rocker cover gasket, or if it is the head gasket. There are no other symptons to suggest that the HG has gone, but there is definatly oil ( fresh) around the top part of the engine, the big "band " style rubber gasket below is also showing signs of deterioration but no oil escaping. Looking at blogs and images I think it is the rocker gasket. What would be your thoughts, Im quite handy but would it be prudent to let a garage change the rocker gasket ?
We are looking to sell this as we have a new car but are worried that we may lose buyers as they may be concerned and think the HG has gone.
Hi..there.. Yep the larger rubber band you see around the rocker cover as you mention is the rocker cover gasket - the cover itself is only held with 2 bolts one at each side as you note..just remove the oil filler cap undo those bolts - the breather tube at the top right corner..maybe disconnect the ignition coil pack plug to give better clearance when lifting the cover off..if its stuck just gentle prise it up at each corner and it should come off..replace the gasket on the cover the correct way round - clean up the top edge of the cylinder head mating surface that gasket and cover sits on with some blue roll if you have any,,and check the surface for any issues that maybe causing the leak..then refit evenly the cover back on with the new gasket..pretty much reversal of removal...whislt the covers off check around the top end of the cylinder head all the way around to see if you can spot any oil traces or build up....Normally if the headgasket is leaking oil which isnt really that would be leaking down the cylinder block and towards the sump and out from under the car..depending on the severity of the leak of course...besides headgasket failure usually shows up with overheating due to either failure within the coolant system,water pump,thermostat - oil & coolant mixing / missfire / excessive smoke out the back...if the oil is around the top edge of the cylinder head..then the rocker cover would be best bet checking or just replacing anyway..the gaskets and the job itself isnt really that hard nor the gasket all that expensive..I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Robert, although I believe ( but will re check in the good light after wiping) that the oil is leaking from above this, the band you refer to is not easy to confuse. What gasket would this be ?Thanks Andi
There arent many places oil could leak around the top end bar the rocker cover gasket - the rocker cover gasket is the black rubber that goes all the way around the edge of the cover you can miss it.....if you run a cloth or fingers around the cover gasket and you get oil..then id say the gasket on that is your problem..unless the covers cracked which id say would be unlikely but you never know....Is the oil cap sealing properly? might be worth checking i say if it where headgasket? then the oil would be leaking or tracing down the cylinder block towards the sump and out to the ground under the car..if thats not the case and oil is mostly seen around the crocker cover or edge of the roacker cover then that gasket is most likely the cause..
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