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Nathan B
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0/s tail light not working on 2010 peugeot 208. have checked

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0/s tail light not working on 2010 peugeot 208. have checked number plate lights, they are ok.
Hi there. I think I may be already trying to help you on a replica question although that states it is a 207.I hope I can help you but first I need to ask a couple of questions so I can answer you better. 1. Do any of the other lights on the O/S work. I.e brake light, indicator etc.? If this is the same car am I right on saying that you have tried it in the other side and it just flickered? I look forward to your replyThanks in advanceNathan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi.Yes the other lights do work and when I tried the lamp on the n/s the tail lights just flickered but put the lamp back to o/s and the tail lights do not work at all. I hope this enough info.
Hi john. The first thing I would check is with a volt meter check that there is power at 12 volts going to the pin for the side light on the back. If there isn't, check that the front side light is working and this will eliminate the fuse. If the fuse is ok then you are going to have to trace the wire up the car I'm afraid to find out where the break is in the wire and then fix it with an appropriate straight connector and insulate tape the wire back up. If there is power coming to the wire at the back, you can assume that the fault is in the light cluster itself and I would then check that the connector and pins are free from corrosion. You can clean them carefully with a small flat screwdriver, but I would also remove the bulb from the holder and make sure there is good clean contacts there as well, plus replacing the bulb at this time I would also do, as if the contact is slightly corroded at the bulb this could also cause it to not light properly or at all. I hope this has helped you in this matter and remember if you require assistance in the future you can contact me via this site and I wool be happy to help you again. Please rate my answer as this is how I get paidThanks in advanceNathan
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Hi john. Thank you for the positive rating, it is very much appreciated. I'm glad I could be of assistance top you on this occasion and remember if you require assistance in the future don't hesitate to get in contact on here and I'll be happy to help you. Thanks againNathan