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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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Robert I have a Peugeot 807, which has just been in MOT. One other job that

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Hi Robert
I have a Peugeot 807, which has just been in for its MOT. One other job that needed to be undertaken was in respect of the bonnet release cable; from time to time I found difficult to open the bonnet. My invoice refers to "replace bonnet release cable " and gives a labour charge that would reflect 4.86 hours to do the job. I am concerned that that seems an incredibly long time for that job. Nor can I see on the invoice any charge for any replacement part. I would be interested to learn how long in your experience it would take to replace the bonnet release cable and if the absence of any replacement part is of any significance.
Regards *****
Hi... Think first and foremost you should ensure the release side at the bonnet end is indeed not partially siezed or sticking and not allowing the bonnet to open..wd-40 or similar lubricant should help..and maybe worth trying at least..however if you have to pull the lever alot further than it should to get the bonnet to open then it certainly accounts for stratched cable and needs replaced ..normally peugeot sell these as complete part along with the lever/cable itself for around £40 for time i do know and going by experiance these arent the easiest to remove unfotunately due to nature of where the cable routes through.and does require removing a fair bit of interior trim from around the lever and up into the fire wall..along the engine bay and around the slam you could be at least upto 2 and half hours id say if you've done them before..4 hours does seem a little high..but like i say maybe try lubricating the release lever and mechanism under the bonnet first and see if that helps...
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Thanks for your thoughts. It sounds from what you say that if the cable is stretched as it would be fair to say it was given that the lever had to be pulled up some distance, then a new cable/lever would have to be fitted. The odd thing is that I do not appear to have been charged for any part. The only part on the invoice which I cannot easily identify is described as PT 7937H9 manual control but i believe that has something to do with washer motors/pump. Could the old unit have been used or if I was extremely suspicious, is it just possible that they could have just lubricated as you suggest and then charged as if the cable had been replaced? Would it be obvious to a layman? Regards
Hi.. No thats the Peugeot part number 7937H9 which you have stated above is your bonnet release cable/lever can basically just put that part number into Google and you'll see its fairly likely its has been replaced if its been noted down on your'll know if has been replaced because the bonnet lever will feel alot more tighter and you wont have to pull so much on it to get the bonnet open...unlike before with the stretched cable where you had to pull it alot further to get the bonnet to pop open..also the lever itself will be alot more cleaner looking..unless you can see the cable end at the bonnet/ release mechanisim end you'll note the cable will be alot cleaner too rather then the older cable...
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks Robert for your very helpful input.