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I'm just looking at the moment. I have a Peugeot 207, 56

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Hi, I'm just looking at the moment. I have a Peugeot 207, 56 plate 1.4 and I have noticed that when I go to move off and sometimes change gear, I have some or nearly no power. It has been in the garage and initially they said they were hoping that clearing the error would fix it but it hasn't. they said the error was with the variable timing valve. so I guess I'm looking to see how much it could be to replace.
Hi..there.. The variable valve timing cam sprockets is controlled by oil fed vvt solenoids and this is what controls the vt hubs to vary the timing slightly at certain rpm sometimes these solenoids can be found to have the gauze clogged up and the vvt doesnt work you have to remove the solenoid to check that and clean it up and putback in and then se if the problems solved..they have to determine wether it is the solenoid itself at fault or the vt hub or even as far as going to the timing being slightly out,worn timing chain or guide.they maybe able to scope the crank and cam signals to verify that maybe considering its a timing chain engine with a good wave pattern from the same engine or car as yours and compare..but like i say above the majority of the time it can be a bad vvt solenoid that can get clogged and the reason for that is basically neglected service with regards ***** ***** oil and filter changes..however if all the above including chain,guides/vt hubs,new bolts time you could be looking at 4-5 hours job and maybe bill around the £450-£500 mark..but as alot of garages vary their hourly rate you would need to get quotes..but like i say maybe start with the vvt solenoid clean up first ideally...
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