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Robert, Peugeot Technician
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I am looking to buy a Peugeot 207SW with a small oil leak -

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I am looking to buy a Peugeot 207SW with a small oil leak - could I send a photo and ask you to identify the part of engine that is near leak (it's a housing to right of cylinder head) - trying to gauge how serious it might be? Thanks Jason
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please could I have an expert's email - I'll send pic I would like enging part identified from - thanks Jason
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Engine Pic attached - please identify 'red' marked component - thanks Jason

Hi..Just noticed your question hadnt been answered will try and help..

That part you've highlighted is your vacuum pump..its driven of the end of the camshaft..there will be a large o-ring seal and its likely this is what has failed..these units are fairly easy to find online but you should be able to aquire the o-ring set for that via peugeot which would be the best place to aquire it..the jobs fairly easy just un bolt from the head just 2 bolts hold it in place and disconnect the lines from it ..remove the old seal..clean the surface..replace witha new seal and then refit everything back as removed..the unit doesnt need to be positioned as long as it keyway'd into the end of the camshaft...but if however its leaking oil out the vacuum supply pipe on the unit the you'll need to replace it as oil diaphram inside has ruptured.and this will cause problem with brake booster and other items on the engine that need a constant vaccum supply..I do hope this helps

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