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I have a 03 partner combi 2lt hdi. When fan on bad smell

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I have a 03 partner combi 2lt hdi. When fan on bad smell comes out airports is there a filter .Aberystwyth Peugeot garage said no what can i do .i have tryed con bomb no good


Have they checked to make sure it does have a pollen/dust filter? id imagine it would under the glovebox..its actually behind a rectangular cover if i can remember correctly which you slide and then the filter just pulls out towards the floor.i can check if you can give me the VIN number "vehicle identification number"

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Number plate Bdo3ttu

Thanks for that..ok ive looked at the build data on that van and it appears not have Air Conditioning fitted which would account for the van not having a Pollen dust filter fitted as you basucally have standard heater/air recycling box in that....I think for this stage considering what you've done upto this point is to start investigating unless you wish to aquire one of these A/C Cleaner anti-bacterial spray cans..Having said that firther checks to this would have to include removal of the fan unit from the heater see that under the glovebox/dash..just a few screws to remove and pull it out...aswell as check for scuttle drainage issue to ensure its not old water that got into the heater box due to blocked you need to get the scuttle panel off which the plastic cover that under your wipers those need to be removed..and then ideally locate the cowl air intake grille which is where the outside air enters or gets drawed in then via the blower fan... its a few things to try do to asses where this smell is coming from..short of having to remove the entire heater box assembly

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Will try.

No..probs.. Please dont forget to leave a rating for me before you log out..much appreciated

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