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350matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Peugeot
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Experience:  BEng Hons, worked in the car industry for last 22 years
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We have a Peogeot RXH hybrid. All of a sudden the hybrid

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Hello there, we have a Peogeot RXH hybrid. All of a sudden the hybrid engine or the sport mode is not working. Only the Diesel engine is working and the car feels sluggish. Is there anyone with an idea of what might have happened to have caused the Hybrid engine to stop working?


I'd suggest the best course of action is have the car plugged into a dealer level diagnostic tool to pull off the fault code

from your description it may be the high voltage ecu has put the vehicle in a fail safe mode and has done this because a fault has been detected with the high voltage system on your vehicle here.

What needs to be done from here (and is best done by a qualified High voltage battery technician with extensive experience with the high voltage hybrid vehicle) is to have the high voltage battery tested,the high voltage fuse checked,the high voltage cooling system checked to make sure it is o.k. and the high voltage power cable as all of these are components that can cause this issue here.

This is extreme voltage and electrocution can occur if not handled and tested properly so a certified technician should be the only one working on this part of the vehicle with the proper high voltage gear being worn and test equipment.

This may be a fault of any of these components listed above and is keeping the vehicle from starting/running until the fault is repaired and all codes are cleared out/erased.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you Matt, this makes a lot of sense. I was hoping to be able to avoid having to go to a Peogeot garage as they do charge a 'premium'Your help is appreciated

Sorry about that but as the hybrid technology is still pretty new then there's not a lot of other options at the moment