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I have just bought a second hand Peugeot 206cc (2001) with a

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Hi, I have just bought a second hand Peugeot 206cc (2001) with a low, genuine mileage of 63,000. I love the car but on two occasions I have stalled the car. Upon restarting, whilst the car has gone into gear without any problem it then somehow doesn't seem to engage; the clutch doesn't bite and and despite accelerating the car does not pull away- the engine still ticks over but the car simply does not move. I have foudn that if I leave the car switched off for a few moments, then restart it, it has then gone into first gear and will drive without a problem.
From what I have read, it would seem that perhaps the clutch plate is, on these occasions, sticking to the flywheel and/or pressure plate. Does this sound right to you? And if so, is there a simple solution or is it likely to be a major job and/or get worse? Somebody suggested that even just making sure all the fluid levels are correct would be a possible help with this problem? I am happy to live with a few quirks to the car, but obviously don't want to risk a more serious problem developing, thereby making the car dangerous.
There are no noises emanating from the engine, gearbox or clutch. First and second gear are a little 'ratchety' but I have found they go in fine as long as the clutch is fully engaged and I use a smooth movement, if you know what I mean.
Two other things to note: whilst the mileage is low and I've seen all the MOT's for the past 10 years, I don't think the previous owner was good at having the car serviced. Also the car was left standing, unused, outside for at least 6 weeks before I bought it. Don't know if either of those factors would have a bearing on this issue. Thank you for your advice/opinion.


Firstly the clutch shouldnt stick to the flywheel - normally the only time it would do that on the majority of some cars or vehicles is if you when through alot of surface water that got to gearbox height that allowed some of that to get on the flywheel surface..and due to the nature of the friction heat betwwen the plate and the flywheel can cause it to stick..but its usually only happnes once or twice and then all is normal after that.once it dried off.....Things i would maybe advise having checked the control side of the gear selectors from the gearstick to the gearbox itself and inspect the bushings..very common on 206 to get wear on these and cause gear selection issues or difficulty in getting into the gear with the engine OFF and ON.....Checking fluids wont help solve this so as long as these are ok your can tick that off the list...the next check is the clutch control side..around that year would have a clutch cable so again that needs to be disconnected from the clutch lever arm and checked to ensure its not partially siezed...the next possible could be the clutch itself or the release bearing..not alot you can do on an inspection bases without getting the gearbox out to check all that..but certainly start with the obvious first as above..the gear linkages especially the bushings and the clutch control cable....I do hope this helps

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