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What type and spec of brake fluid do you put in a S reg 1997

Customer Question

what type and spec of brake fluid do you put in a S reg 1997 peugot boxer reg S202 YON 2.466cc deisel tdi long wheelbase chasis cab 3.5 ton max MOTORHOME. need to bleed out all the fluid as i just renewed 2 rear brakes cylinders and shoes, i do not know how long ago it was changed,i suspect many years as it a motor home, or if someone put the wrong fluid in it before me, as it was low with brake warning light flicking on and of on bends, i had no choice but to put in shell dot 4 for modern cars with abs asr esp ebd bas, note it does not say synthetic on bottle, this is all i could get at 2 in morning,i did not notice any obvious reaction with existing fluid, but i am worried i will contaminate, local car spares shop said it uses comma dot 4 esp SYNTHETIC REQUIRING fmvss 116 dot 4, saej1704 iso 4925 classes 3,4, and 6, so i bought 1 litre, is this correct fluid or do i need something else?, also what is the procedure to remove all fluid and bleed brakes, as i am broken down and have to do this on my own, i have a rubber self bleed tube witch has a purpose made split in pipe witch i assume opens under pressure then closes when pedal is raised, ive had this for at least 20 years, or can you suggest another option.i know with 2 people you can open bleed/ nipple while other person depresses brake pedal to floor, then lock nipple, then let pedal up, then repeat. i have reasonable mechanical knowledge, further more is it ok to heat up with a gas blow torch to front caliper bleed nipple, as i know when they havent been touched for a long time they can brake or nut head rounds off.? please can you help i have a phone number***********or*********** and have access to computer.i did not know there was a charge, which i think is very high, is this negotiable.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  350matt replied 1 year ago.


I would not recommend using synthetic fluid in this van I'm afraid as there's a strong chance it will react with the seals and cause them to swell

you should use DOT 4.1 or 5.1 mineral fluid

4.1 is the minimum spec and 5.1 is better fluid with a higher boiling point and will give you a firmer pedal

I'd also say the best method to bleed brakes on your own is to use a pressure ( easibleed) or vacuum bleed kit as this makes it very easy

but the bleed pipes with the 1 way valve you describe can also work well

I'd soak the bleed nipples with penetrating oil 1st and use a 6 point socket on them to see how tight they are

only use the blow torch as a last resort as its all too easy to overheat the caliper and burn the seals

Expert:  350matt replied 1 year ago.


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