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Peugeot 207 1.6 petrol. Cooling gauge when driwing in the

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Peugeot 207 1.6 petrol.
Cooling gauge when driwing in the city or in tafics constant on 90. On motoway in seconds drops to 70. Also engine oil temperature stays at 80.
Changed cooling termostac twice where is the proble. went to peugeot dealer and master told me it normal:)
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
When changed termostat was ok for 4 weeks


90 degress of half way mark on the guage is quite normal to see in such cases during city driving,periods where the car sits for idle in traffic,this is quite common across alot of cars and not just peugeot or 207 model..once it does starts to creep up a little over 90 you should hear the fans kick in.this then stabilises the temp to bring it back to 90 or slightly under..the reason for the guage/temp dropping at speed is because of the flow of air passing through the if your using A/C then that can bring it down ist not something to be overly worried about...if its temp is too low or too high beyond the 90 reaching the max mark then you'll have problem.but the cars message centre and display would warn you if thats the case of overheating or not..Hope this helps..if you have anything further to add then just ask..if not then please dont forget to leave a rating..thank you

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
But engine temperature doesnt get to normal working tem. Also I do anderstant that the cooling gauge is ok on 90 but not over 60 up to 70. That is termostat job and should be always at 90 no mater in trafic or motoway. 85-90 is fine. Have this car for 1 year did have any problem. And I noteced it takes more petrol.

Well you said the guage sits at 90 in city/traffic? as far im concerned that normal the fan ecu controlled should kick in once it reaches 95degrees to stabilise the temp back down.. you then say its drops to 70 on motorway? as far as i see it that normal im not sure where the problem is here? ... there is no other thermostat you can fit to these to alter the temperature to where you want it.the temp is regualted by a housed thermostat which comes as complete housing and temp sensor. so the guage sits or hovers slightly above or below 90 and according to the manufacturer its acceptable for normal running operating temperature..i mean ive worked on all models of peugeots and they all hoover in that temp region so im not sure where the problem is its known too that the hotter the engine is the more efficient its is to burn the if your using more more fuel..then that can happen for various reasons..a bad temp sensor, engine running cold which means the ecu thinks, bad lambda sensor

Why the negative rating? explain why and what other info you need?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Jsut changed new cooling termostat. Coolong gauge at 90 constant and engine pemperature in the midle as it should be at normal engine working temperature. 60-70 cooling temperatute up and down in seconds not normal. And engine temperature les then 80 aswell it not normal. Thats way. You told me the same what peugeot dealer told me. And none was wright. What happend. Termostat was stuck opend. Cos I trust you and dealer was driwing the car then termostat stucked closed. Took recovery to get to garage cos me lots money. Thats way.

So lets get this clear..according to what i can deduce from what i can understand of that? you've mentioned above

You've changed thermostat 2 times..correct? a now you changed it for a 3rd time. correct?. because thermostat was stuck open, thats a component defect then!..why are you blaming me for that? thats down to who ever "you" bought these thermostat's from or who ever fitted them. thats why...if these thermostats have been sticking open or closed even as new components.thats not my problem...i dont see why your coming here blaming someone who cant see the car nor worked on it..i can only give advise based on what you've said..i fixed dozens of these 207 cars and fitted thermostats genuine ones too i may add.never had any problems or come backs..and thats says something doesnt it.

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