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350matt, Mechanical Engineer
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1. Assistant: Are you fixing your 307 yourself? What have

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Assistant: Are you fixing your 307 yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: 307 1.6 hdi 2006: gearlever springing to centre of gate from 5th/R, is very weak. After selecting 5th, it is difficult to find 3/4th. The little torsion spring next to gearlever is OK. 1st/2nd springing is OK. How does it work?Is the springing in the linkage assembly, or the gearbox?
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: I am in the UK

Hello and welcome to Just Answer

there's a spring on the gearbox lever on the top as well as at the bottom of the gearlever

I'd suggest to 1st remove the airbox in the engine bay so you see the shift linkage and have your assistant move the lever across the gate whilst you observe the linkage

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi Matt,
Its useful to know there is a spring external to the gearbox. Is this integral to the cable assembly and can it be replaced or does the cable assembly need to be replaced? I took the attached picture either through the wheel arch or under the airbox. I cannot see a spring. I may yet take it to the garage.

hello Pete

the spring should be separate

but there also adjustment available on the cables to change the tension and I should have mentioned this earlier but if you have 1 slightly slack cable then this can bias the lever 1 way and make gear selection difficult as you mention

so its also a good idea to have the lever sat in neutral and then use the threaded adjusters to remove any free motion in the cable

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hi, I removed the airbox and could not see very much. I had intended to remove the inner wing/ liner. When I have seen this, I can decide whether the garage does it or I do. Today I had to do other things. Sorry to not have resolved this.

Hello Peter

if you need to replace the cables then its a long involved job but if all thats needed is an adjustment you can do this yourself

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Sorry Matt I have not resolved anything yet but I will give you a good rating and pay.
I have just noticed that I could add photos. At least you can assure me that the spring loading into 5th/R is in the cable assembly and not in the gearbox. Removing the airbox or the inner wing liner did not help. The only thing I can think of is to remove the battery/ fuel filter and air ducts. Then it will not be movable until finished! If I have to replace the cable assembly, that would be a result. The Haynes manual covers this but makes no mention of any adjustment The weather is the problem today.


this image shows a gearbox with its shift counterweight

the spring should be on the pivot of the counterweight

the other possibility is that the plastic part of the cable is broken or flexing in which case you have to replace the whole cable

procdure for that is :

remove the battery, battery cover and box, air filter assembly, battery tray (mostly bolts in the top of the tray but there's one really annoying one which you have to remove the wheel inner trim for and get to from the wheel arch)

Once the battery tray is removed its easy to get to the top of the gear linkage and take the cables off.

The reverse cable requires a torx tool and you need to go through the wheel arch again - no drilling, the bolt is quite visible and easy to access.

This part pops out of the gearbox housing with a little force. Once done with that, the outer cables will need to be removed from the holders, the metal clips are stiff but will come out with some wiggling and a tiny flat blade screwdriver.

If you put string around the cable ends you can then feed the new cables through

Moving to the inside, the centre console needs to be unscrewed and taken up (but not off). The gear gaiter needs to be taken up and the bolts from the gearstick housing off.

Then remove the heater ducts from either side of the gearstick housing area.

There was a rectangular connector which if removed will create a lot more room.

Pull the gearstick up and backwards whilst lifting the centre console.

This should give you enough room to get to the rubber gaiter which the cables go through. if you look under the car and remove a plastic clip that retains the gaiter

Then you should find the whole assembly comes out from the engine bay, whilst still lifting the centre console and doing a bit of jiggery pokery. You should then be able to completely remove the cables and stick from the car and start to install the new one. Use the string to pull the new cables back through, use a LOT of lube on the new gaiter and bash it in with a rubber mallet and stick wide enough to "push" it into place. Dont forget to use plenty of suitable grease on the ball joints. Installing is pretty much reverse of removal, but a lot quicker.

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Sorry if this went through already.
I removed the battery/tray. Unclipped the left-right cable. The springing out of 1st/2nd is somehow in the lever and not in the cable. I question whether the springing out of 5th/R is also not in the cable. Are you sure it is in the lever? I do not want to remove the cable for no reason.
I can see two screws fixing the white bracket. Are there more behind? If the springs are in this bracket then fine. If they are in the gearbox itself, then I would probably sell the car. This is the main point. I had another picture but your system did not seem to work as before.