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350matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Peugeot
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Experience:  BEng Hons, worked in the car industry for last 22 years
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My Peugeotwont start. It cranks over but it won't start I

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Hi there,My Peugeot(###) ###-####wont start.It cranks over but it won't start I thought it might be because of either my fuel pump or my spark plugs but then I realised that when I put the key into the start position the hazard lights started going. This makes me think it is the immobiliser which is at fault.Another reason I think the immobiliser is at fault is that in the last two day I have taken the housing off around the key ignition to try and remove it because the spring back from the ignition position back to the start position was not working and I had to continuously manually turn the key back once the car had started.So I removed the plastic housing, removed the black ring around the key input and removed the screw on top.What I then realised was that I was in a rush and had to head off to a meeting so I left everything as it was and drove the car off to my meeting thinking I would fix the problem later.I returned back from my meeting late at night and decided I would continue my work on the car the next day on to wake up the next day and have the car not starting and cranking over.One other important thing I think I should mention is that the central locking in the car has always been an issue. It has never worked from the driver's door only the passenger door and even when that was working it would lock every door except the back right. However, since the car has not been starting the central locking on the car hasn't been working at all.Another thing, the hazards on the car are on when the key is in the start position, but then when I unlock the passenger door they stop..... that is a seriously confusing situation to me as I'm not an electro-mechanic but I hope someone on here can make sense of this before I get it towed to a local mechanic and they have me charged through the roof to fix it.Thanks,Confused and Frustrated Peugeot 206 owner.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer

if the ignition has been left on by your switch modifications then this sounds like the battery must be flat

so I'd begin by charging the battery up overnight to start with

and if the ignition has been left on then the immobilizer will also have issues

so when charging the battery I'd also try disconnecting it for 5 minutes at least to reset all the systems

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thabks ill give that a try and be in touch.
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
If my battery was flat surely the car wouldn't crank over at all though?
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I really appreciate your help too by the way so thanks for responding to my question :)


if its cranking then sorry yes the battery is fine

but its still doing the reset and check the condition of the high power fuses ( 20A +) in the engine bay fusebox too

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Thanks Matt

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi there sorry for the delayed response. I have checked both fuse boxes and all fuses are fine. Its the immobiliser which has been set off and I don't have the key with the buttons on it to turn it off. When I purchases the car I was only given the spare key. Do you know how to reset the immobiliser without me having to pay for an auto electrician to do it?