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Nathan B
Nathan B, Mechanic
Category: Peugeot
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Experience:  20+ years experience working on a wide range of vehicles both as an employee and also running my own garage
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I have a 308 allure on a 14 plate .can I manuly rewind the

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I have a 308 allure on a 14 plate .can I manuly rewind the back callipers to fit new pads .and will affect the ecu .Or can you advise a electronic epb divice that will do the kid with obd2 connector
Hi there. Welcome to JustAnswer.
My name is ***** ***** I hope I can be of assistance to you this evening. As you can imagine I cannot see it touch your car, so first I will have to ask some questions so that my answer is better sourced for you.
1. Are you fixing the car yourself? If so, what kind of technical knowledge do you have?
2. Can you give me the exact model of the car including engine size and whether petrol or diesel please so that I can get the right car.
I look forward to your response.
Thank you in advance
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hi .I normally do all my own servicing on my cars .wife's daughter s and sons .So I can pretty much do most machanics work on mystery. So I have a peugeot 1.6 hdi allure on a 14 plate .reg LM14XSY .I CAN see the motor on the back callipers . Can I release the motors and rewind the callipers without later problems with the ecu .Or can u advice me on a epb diagnostic tool
Hi there. First off, thank you for your speedy reply.
Personally I would never remove the motors to wind back the calipers because it can open a can of worms down the line. The diagnostic machine I have is the launch x431 which is fully updated
Hi there. First off, thank you for your speedy reply.
Personally I would never remove the motors to wind back the calipers because it can open a can of worms down the line. The diagnostic machine I have is the launch x431 which is fully updated and this will wind the calipers back before working on the brakes and then wind them back on when finished so the handbrake is properly adjusted. Most up to date full diagnostic devices will do this as well. Obd readers only will scan the engine management system. Full diagnostic machines cost a few hundred pounds in general.
Now, there is a cheat way to wind the calipers back but you have to be very careful. What you can do is, first of all make sure the handbrake is off then disconnect the battery and make sure the connectors can't fall back on. Then with the back wheels removed, go to the motor on the caliper and unplug it. It should be a 2 wire connector. You will then need a second car battery and a length of twin core wire. Hopefully it is red and black. Attach the red to one terminal and the black to the other making sure not to cross the 2 at the other end. Then you can touch the 2 wires to the 2 connectors on the motor (1 on each) and you hear the motor run. If it only runs for a second then stops you will then notice the brake will be locked on. Swap the 2 wires over on the motor and you should hear the caliper wind right back. You can then remove the pads and replace them and then do the opposite to wind the caliper back on making sure that when you finish that side that the brakes are just biting and no more so that the handbrake is properly adjusted. Once you have done that you can then do the other side in the same way.
Asher both sides are done, you can then plug the motors back in properly and then reconnect the battery and the car won't know any different.
Now this way is only to be attempted if you feel comfortable doing it as it is quite fiddly. The machine way is the next bit unless you know someone with one or don't mind spending a large amount of cash or may be your only choice.
I hope I have been of help to you with this. Please remember to rate my answer and if you require any further help on this you can still post to this thread even after rating as this doesn't close out the question and I strive for complete customer satisfaction with the service I provide in this site. Also if you need help in the future you can contact me via my profile on this site and I will be happy to help again.
Thank you in advanceNathan
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I have a fox well nt415 which should do the job but when I plug it into the obd2 slot and attempt epb rewind it says check connections and battery .now I know all is ok .but when the ignition is on and no engine running the lights and radio automatically come on .would this make a difference
Do they only come on when the computer is plugged in or are they set to auto on. If it is auto on then it shouldn't make a difference. But what I have found in the past with Peugeot and citroen cars even with my machine is that doneness I have to select the relevent model in the other manufacturer as they are both made by the same company. Peugeot and citroen can be a bit strange sometimes. But what I mean is a Peugeot 307 was a citroen c3 and vise versa.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
That make perfect sense. I tried it on my sons c4 with no problem .So I will try it at the weekend thankyou .it was going to be my next question. Thank you for your time .I will recommend you to every one thanks .ps will let you know if it works
That's no problem. Only for me trying different things in the past did I find that out myself. I just glad I could be of help to you with this. And please do let me know and also if you require any further help with this, just post on this thread and I will reply and help you in any way I can.
Thank you again
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