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I have an 1.6 automatic which I keep getting a clonk then a

Customer Question

Hello I have an 1.6 automatic which I keep getting a clonk then a message saying gearbox fault but it only seems to happen when its cold.i took it to a garage yesterday because someone suggested getting gearbox oil changed the garage put it on the ramp and said it has a slight leak on the transmission and advised me to take it back to where I bought it from as I have only had it for 5 tbis going to be a major problem because most of the time it runs fine and smooth.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  Robert replied 9 months ago.


If there is low oil level or suspect leak is occuring causing low oil or loss of oil then this will likely have an adverse effect on the gearbox in particular when cold considering "if" low oil is the cause here..depending how bad the leak is then based on the age of the car it would be more cost effective to replace the gearbox . rather then try and rebuild it/reseal etc....normally when the "gearbox fault message" does come up then you can with the use a scanner access the TCM . transmission see what fault codes are stored as this would give a better indication or at least something to go on as per the issue..if a pressure fault with valve i say above replace the gearbox would be your best bet..but if you only had the car 5 weeks..then you should be covered by the 2015 consumer rights law regarding secondhand cars..hope this helps

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Ok thankyou for reply I am going to ring the garage where I bought it from and go from there and explain the issue and hopefully the can sort it.
Expert:  Robert replied 9 months ago.

Thats of luck... In the meantime if you could leave a rating for assisting you would be much appreciated..thank you

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Ok will do mate