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350matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Peugeot
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Experience:  BEng Hons, worked in the car industry for last 22 years
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I have a 56 reg peugeot 607, 2.0hdi executive. A while back

Customer Question

Hi there I have a 56 reg peugeot 607, 2.0hdi executive. A while back it developed a shudder/vibration under acceleration and between 50 - 60mph. I was a told it was down to dmf so this was replaced along with new clutch, this didn’t solve the problem. I then was told it was driveshaft but these have been inspected and were fine. I was then told it was down to the tyres which were fitted just prior to this problem occuring but these were changed and the problem still persists. All in all it has cost me around £1500 so far. Car has had various new parts fitted and has just passed an mot but I still have this shudder although not as bad as it used to be. Any ideas welcome.
Assistant: How many miles are on the clutch? Has it been slipping or sticking?
Customer: Less than 500 no it is brand new along with dual mass flywheel
Assistant: Are you fixing your 207 yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Its a 607. Its had a dual mass flywheel, clutch, tyres, brake calipers and some suspension work
Assistant: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Peugeot
Expert:  oleksandrav-mod replied 6 months ago.
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Expert:  350matt replied 6 months ago.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer

If you haven't already then check for worn mountings - check the tightness of the engine and gearbox mounts and their condition - this is best done by using a jack to take the weight of the engine off the mounts and seeing if any cracks or splits open up in the rubber. Also check the tightness of the mounts bolts

I'd also check for worn suspension joints - jack the car up so the wheel is off the ground (you’ll need to do this for all 4 scorners) and shake the tyre from top to bottom and from side to side (with someone holding the steering wheel on the front) there should be no play in either direction. Any play in 1 direction will usually require a joint to be replaced, if there’s play in both directions then the wheel bearing may be at fault. If theres play only up and down its the strut top mount - to find this one you have to shake the suspension strut it self up and down with the wheel off the ground - so you may need to remove the wheel to check this one.

Now with the car jacked up on that side with the wheel about 2 inches off the ground use a steel bar under the wheel and lever the wheel up and down slightly, you should be able to look at the end of the axle and see if the suspension arm is moving up and down separately to the axle.If so replace the bush

To feel if there's a worn strut top bearing then lightly hold the spring by hand and have your assistant move the steering from left to right with the wheel on the ground - a worn bearing will feel 'notchy' through the spring. The wheel needs to be on the ground for the test to load up the bearing

Expert:  350matt replied 6 months ago.

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Expert:  350matt replied 5 months ago.

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