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Greg A.
Greg A., Engineer
Category: Phone Systems
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I asked a question about BT Graphite 2500 non function in early

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I asked a question about BT Graphite 2500 non function in early February.
I have received no answer but I see I have been charged £28 in 5th February XXXXXXXXXXX Would you kindly look into this please
Hello & Welcome,

Sorry I didn't see your question earlier.

Can you tell me more about this handset issue?

For example, was this one of the ORIGINAL handsets that came with the system?

Also, was this handset EVER working, and now it is showing the "out of range" message OR has this handset NEVER worked properly?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for replying. I have the original and a new handset and bases.

The whole operation was bought in 2010 and everything worked perfectly.

The main handset and answerphone still work perfectly but the second handset is the problem, it suddenly stopped working about a year ago, then I bought a new secondary handset and base, this did not work either.

The only thing I did do about that time was move the telephone extention across the upstairs room - some 4 feet, with the modem still in place.

The computer works perfectly and the main phone handset work OK the problem is confined to the second handset. I have relocated this handset to the main phone base and this still shows 'out of range' I have changed the batteries over -still the same. I cannot imagine all the handsets (3) to be 'out of range'. I am at a loss as I don't know of a BT shop with a specialist engineer who I could take the whole lot too. I want help please

Hi again and thanks for that information.

From what you describe, you MAY have more than one issue, so let me walk through the possibilities..

First, if the handset batteries have not been REPLACED (with NEW) in the 3-4 year time you have owned these, then that could cause this type of issue. So replacing the batteries in the failing handset would be one of the things I would do - if necessary. This is because "weak" batteries (even if they show that they are fully charged) can decrease the range of the handset, and make it more sensitive to interference.

Next, I would gather ALL of the handsets together in a single room, along with the MAIN base unit, and then "reset" the system. This will allow us to TEST if the handset in question is still "registered" to the main base unit and if it WILL find and communicate with the main base unit of the system when it is "close by". I have the reset procedure I use shown below.

Cordless system "reset" procedure.
This is done by following the steps below.
1) Remove the batteries from ALL handsets in the system.
2) Remove the phone cord from the main base unit AND the phone jack in the wall.
3) Remove the AC power adapter plug from the main base unit AND remove the AC adapter from the power outlet.
4) WAIT 15 minutes. This allows any "stuck" conditions in the components to clear.
5) Reconnect the batteries in all handsets.
6) Reconnect the phone cord between the main base and the phone jack in the wall.
7) Reconnect the AC power adapter plug in the main base unit and then plug the AC adapter into the wall power outlet.
8) Wait 30-60 seconds for the system to reinitialize.
9) Test each handset for proper function.
10) Test each function of the main base unit (answering system, caller id, etc.).

Now if the handset still works properly when near the main base unit, then it would be time to see "how far away" the handset would still work AND if there is some "interference" causing the handset to "disconnect" for the main base unit. That will take some experimentation by using the handset and then moving around to different locations in your home - to TEST when & where the handset disconnects. If this happens in a particular room or location, then we must look around in that location to find out what is causing this disconnect. It could be some other piece of electronic or electrical equipment, or just the distance from the main base unit.

As a point of reference about the terms I'm using, I have also included a system diagram (below) showing the terms I use when referring to the "Main Base Unit", the "Handset(s)", and the "Charger(s)".


Please let me know if you can try these things and the results when you do.

Best Regards, XXXXX XXXXX

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dear Greg.

Thanks for your help, I have tried all you asked to no avail.

With your fee and two more sets of batteries it is getting expensive, so unless you can think of something else I will cut my losses and buy new- not a BT product. I am away for a week so cannot reply, but hope you can think of something

Regards Eric

Hi again,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I think your idea about replacing the system is a good one, and I would further recommend a different brand than BT, as I'm pretty sure you can find a better deal on the more popular and reliable brand names. I see a LOT of Panasonic systems out there that perform very well, and are reliable.

I have had Panasonic cordless system in my own home for years and have not had any issues at all, other than having to replace the batteries every couple of years. But the phones in my home get HEAVY use, both by me and other family members, so replacing the batteries that often is not unexpected.

A good place to start your search might be Amazon, as they tend to list the most popular brands and models for the best price - at least here in the US. Panasonic systems support up to six handsets in most cases - if you think you will ever need that many. And I also recommend when shopping for a system, that you plan on getting the TOTAL number of handsets that you think you will need for the next few years - PLUS ONE. This is so that you will have a "spare" - just in case one of the other handsets has a problem in the future.

Please let me know what you decide on or if you have any more questions.

Best Regards, XXXXX XXXXX

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