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SkillJim, Customer Service
Category: Phone Systems
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I have gigaset S685 with 3 handsets.The base station and the

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I have gigaset S685 with 3 handsets.The base station and the other two handsets seem
to be as usual but there is no dialling tone. The system seems to be able to show incoming
calls with the usual ringtones but it is not possible to hear anything. I have renewed the batteries on the base station handset. What is going on ?

Hello there and thank you for contacting Justanswer today.


I have looked into your problem for you and according to the official Gigaset manual for your S685 phone if you cannot hear a ringing / dialing tone the base stations phone cord has been replaced.


Please review the following information:


You cannot hear a ringer/dialing tone from the fixed line network:


Base station's phone cord has been replaced.

> When purchasing a new cord, ensure that it has the correct jack pin connections


Please view the following image to determine if the phone jack is wired correctly:




Incase you are confused by this troubleshooting, it appears that the phone jack you are currently using to connect to the fixed line network may not be fully functioning. Part of it however is working since you state that you are able to receive incoming calls, but it is evident that there is a problem with the connector. Unless you have recently replaced the jack, then you may need to get yourself a new phone cord, but when doing so please use the image above as guidance so that the jack is correctly assigned.


Once you have tried a new phone cord, please check to make sure that you can now hear the dialing tone correctly.


Thanks for your question, and I hope my answer has helped.


Please leave me a rating below, this would be very much appreciated!


All the best, James.



>>>> You can view the troubleshooting section I used to determine this answer in the image below <<<<



You can also view the guide I used to reference this information from at the following link:


SkillJim and other Phone Systems Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I feel the connection is correct as it is it is the same I have used since purchasing the system which has worked very well. I assume you are saying that the phone cord has deteriorated worked. Can you advise me as to the best place to buy a new one, please ?


Hello Maurice, thanks for your reply.


I have had a little look around and i've found a cable designed for Siemens Gigaset handsets, and so should be a worthy replacement.


I'm not sure if you're familiar with Amazon, but the cable is listed on their for £4.49


You can find the cable at the following link:


If you do try this cable out, please let me know your results.


Kind regards, James.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OOPS ! In my technical ignorance I assumed that, as i was successfully receiving broadband via the same landline, then the landline was ok and the fault must be within the gigaset system. A friend brought round a telephone which was working satisfactorily at home, plugged it in and found no dial tone and no connection. I contacted my provider who tested the line and found a fault which is being seen to in 2 or 3 days. So, sorry to send you on a wild goose chase but
I have been very happy with your rapid response and especially for your search to find the correct and appropriate cable. I have rated you accordingly. Thank you.



Hello Maurice.

It is not a problem! I'm just simply glad that you managed to find the root of the cause!

I hope that my information came in handy atleast, and it is no problem that it may have taken us briefly down the wrong route, as we can only provide the knowledge available to us when consulting the official handbooks, and it may take us down the correct route in the future.

If ever you need a replacement cable, atleast you will know which one to go for!

I want to thank you so much for giving me a rating, it is very much appreciated, and I wish you a great day out in the sun!

All the best,