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Greg A.
Greg A., Engineer
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model kx-tg6824eb. Answer phone will not pick up regularly

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model kx-tg6824eb. Answer phone will not pick up regularly but has done on a couple of occasions. Seems to be set up OK. Normal line function. New system to our new house- recently installed BT What am I doing wrong please?
Hello & Welcome,

Sorry I didn't see your question earlier.

May I ask the AGE of this phone system and WHEN this issue first began?

May I also ask if you have any other devices (phones, computers, etc.) connected to this same phone line?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I bought this system on eBay recently.It looks new. I have a BT broadband on this line and my laptop is connected via BT.
The issue has been ther from day one, I.e. Approx three weeks from when I bought it.
I have another similar set up in another property and the answer phone works fine there.
Hi again and thanks for that information.

Sorry for any delay - I'm in the Pacific time zone and just got online.

Now that I know the system was purchased on eBay and that you have a similar system available, that leads me to a few possibilities of how to proceed in troubleshooting this issue.

First, I will let you know that I personally don't like to purchase and RELY ON devices purchased on eBay. I do buy products there, but only when I have researched all other places of purchase. And I verify that the seller has an excellent record AND return policy. This is because I will throughly TEST any device I have purchased immediately upon receipt - to make sure every function and feature works properly.

That being said, what I would recommend (if possible) is exchanging the two similar systems that you have, and see if this issue "moves" with this system, or stays at the original property.

That does not have to be a permanent swap, as we are doing this ONLY for the purpose of TESTING. If the problem DOES move with the system, I would conclude that the Answering System is "intermittent" at best, ***** ***** may be why it ended up being sold through eBay (vs. a retail outlet).

Please let me know if you can do these steps and what the results are - when you can.

Best Regards, ***** *****

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi-I did try the phone in my other place and it works fine there. Picked up every time, so I can't think that the apparatus is faulty.
Hi again,

May I ask if you put a different system in at the intermittent location? That is, did you "swap" locations and still have issues with a different system not picking up calls?

If so, then that would tell us that the "wiring" or "signal quality" at the failing locations is suspect, and would need to be investigated (tested) for signal loss.

Please let me know what has been tried AT the failing location.

Thanks, ***** *****

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi- I tried the other phone from the other place (which I know works there) but it will not ring at all here. leave alone pick up the answer service) when I tried to phone it via my mobile. Both phones can ring out and have dialling tones.

I can receive calls on both and dial out on both.

Hi again and thanks for that information,

OK - if the working phone from the other property (let's call that Property "B") does NOT operate at this property (let's call this Property "A"), that would tend to CONFIRM that this is a "signal level" issue at Property A.

What that means is that there is either a wiring issue - either inside the property or with the signal level coming from the BT lines to Property A.

I believe the next step that you may be able to do is to try to connect the phone directly to where the BT lines come to Property A, and if possible TEST to see if call will ring when they come in at that connection.

What that would tell us is if the signal from BT is strong enough to drive the ringer. And if so, then we would be left with the inside wiring as the issue. In most cases where the inside wiring is the issue, it is usually most cost effective to run new wires (instead of "troubleshooting" the wiring).

I know this does not sound like a simple solution, but it will tell us if it is a BT signal level problem or inside wiring issue, and we would know where to go from there.

Please let me know what you find or if you have more questions.

Best Regards, ***** *****

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