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I have a Panasonic 2513 trio set. Suddenly it has developed

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I have a Panasonic 2513 trio set. Suddenly it has developed a fault - it will ring incoming call but on answering you can just hear a muffled ringing tone - very distant.
On trying to dial out there is nothing. All three phones tried.
There is a different ringing tone if I press the button on the main base unit but can't remember what that is for - never knowing used and can't find the instruction booklet.
Plug into the main socket removed and replugged in.
Would appreciate any advice. Wi-fi link seems OK.

& Welcome to Just Answer,

Sorry to hear of the issue you are having with your phone system.

If you would like the manual system, I have a link to the electronic (PDF) version below.

Click Here --> System manual

But I must stay that from the symptoms you describe, this sounds more like an issue with the phone service provider - since you mentioned that you can not dial OUT, and the handsets are not ringing & connecting properly.

By the way, the "button" on the main base unit is the "Locator" button, and that is used to "page" or locate the handsets - by making them "ring". So if that is working (and is sounds like it is working), then there should be no problem between the main base unit and the cordless handsets.

Now you mentioned WiFi: If your phone service provider is the SAME provider of your WiFi (or internet), then they may have a "main box" that provides ALL your services in your home or office. If that is the case, you MAY be able to "reset" that box by removing the main power cord minutes, and then reconnecting. This will often restore all services from that equipment.

But if you do not have or can not locate such a box, then contacting your service provider's "technical support" group would be the next step (should be available 24 hours a day). NOTE: You can TRY to call them using your Panasonic phones, but you may have to use an alternate - such as a mobile phone or close friend's phone.

Please let me know what is found or if you have any more details or questions. I should be here most of the day/afternoon.

Best Regards, ***** *****

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Not convinced that it is the provider - BT. They also supply the broadband.

Using my mobile to phone the system - all three phones in the house ring but if a handset is picked up I continue to hear the ringing on the mobile and eventually get to leave a message on1571.

I have unplugged the power unit and the plug to the main box - it is a 'double' with the broadband and telephone connection. There is no power cord to that box?

Thanks manual but I could not find anything to help in trouble shooting.


again Ron,

That is correct - the manual doesn't really address these types of issues, as I'm pretty sure this is more of a "phone service" issue vs. an issue with the Panasonic.

You can TEST this by:
1) Trying a DIFFERENT phone (basic corded phone is best) in place of the Panasonic base unit.
2) Taking your Panasonic system (base and 1 handset) to a friend or close by neighbor's home and TEST it there.
3) Borrow a working phone from a friend or neighbor and TEST it at your home.

TESTING is what will tell us what the next steps are. Can you do ANY of these tests?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I will but cannot do anything tonight.

How does that affect your rating and payment?


PS Sorry I did not realise that you are based in the States?


Please take as much time as you need - I'm here almost every day (and night) - hours a day.

As you might be able to tell, I don't like to "guess", but to TEST - to find the REAL ISSUE behind the symptoms.

And you do not have to rate until we have some kind of solution .

There is one other thing that you can TRY now, but based on the symptoms, I don't think it will "fix" this issue. This is to TRY to do a FULL system reset - of the Panasonic system. I have the procedure that I use below to reset most of the cordless systems I work with to follow.

Cordless system "reset" procedure. This is done by following the steps below.
1) Remove the batteries from ALL handsets in the system.
2) Remove the phone cord from the main base unit AND the phone jack in the wall.
3) Remove the AC power adapter plug from the main base unit AND remove the AC adapter from the power outlet.
4) WAIT 15 minutes. This allows any "stuck" conditions in the components to clear.
5) Reconnect the batteries in all handsets.
6) Reconnect the phone cord between the main base and the phone jack in the wall.
7) Reconnect the AC power adapter plug in the main base unit and then plug the AC adapter into the wall power outlet.
8) Wait 30-60 seconds system to reinitialize.
9) Test each handset function.
10) Test each function of the main base unit (answering system, caller id, etc.).

Again, take as much time as you need and this question thread will stay open until we find a solution .

And yes, I'm in the US - West Coast actually.

Please let me know the results of the Reset, or when you get a chance to TEST with a different phone or TEST your phone at another location.

Best Regards, ***** *****


Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I have tried the reset procedure that you set out and have just tried a different phone directly plugged into the main connection - all to no avail.

I am now referring it the the service provider - BT.


again Ron,

If TWO DIFFERENT phones have the same issue - through TESTING - then we MUST conclude that this is a provider issue.

If you have time, you could further TEST by taking the phones to a "known good" location (with working phone services) and connect them there.

But I'm 90% + sure this is a provider issue, so you are on the right track contacting the provider.

Please let me know your results - when you can.

Best Regards, ***** *****

Greg A. and other Phone Systems Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Just to let you know that the position has been resolved. There was a connection fault in the street junction box about 0.5 mile away so your initial analysis was correct.

Many thanks advice.

I will rate it as OK because I feel that the problem was relatively straight forward. You approach was patient and very personable and I appreciated that. Thanks again,




You are quite welcome and thanks me know what was found.

Please let me know if you have any more issues or questions in the future.

You should be able to rate with the "stars" or "smiley faces" on this page. Please let me know if you can not see or use them.

Take Care, Greg A.