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Phone Systems
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I have a KX-TCD962EB system - If I do not switch the answerphone

on and someone rings eventually... Show More
on and someone rings eventually the answering system clicks in automatically. I can see from the handset that this has happened since it will say - calls 1. if they have left a message - how can I access that message. Please?
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Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. This actually is not the same thing. There is really no message left in this case.If the phone is left running with the answer system off, then it will eventually click on after many rings. However the purpose of this is for remote access - if you were calling in from an outside line, it picks up giving you an opportunity to enter the access code to listen to your messages while away. For any other caller, they simply hear a click. It does not give them an opportunity to leave a message, and thus there is no actual message waiting for you in this instance.The system simply logs a missed call and notes the caller id info for your reference. Best regards,Nathan
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

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Sorry – although I thought at first that the answer you gave was very plausible, I have just tested the system by ringing, and rather than just a click as you suggested – you get the message -

Welcome to the Messaging Service. The person you are calling is not available – please leave a message after the tone.

Therefore, what you said

…..they simply hear a click. It does not give them an opportunity to leave a message, and thus there is no actual message waiting for you in this instance.

Is incorrect since they encouraged to leave a message – which I have no idea how to access. So my problem remains.

thank you for the updated information, and for the additional testing. What I had explained does still actually happen, but I believe you aren't getting to that point due to outside interference - ie: there is an active voicemail system in place, a service provided by the phone company.Try calling your own home number, from the home line (or dialing *98, or *99), which should put you into the VM system. That will prompt you to enter a code (if you have one) and then let you listen to the messages. To disable that system, call your phone company, and ask them to turn off the VM feature on your account. Nathan