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I have had two Panasonic cordless phones (KX-TCD505E and

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I have had two Panasonic cordless phones (KX-TCD505E and KX-TG8421E). Both had a useful feature called called Auto Redial. This was described in detail on page 17 of the Operating Instructions for KX-TCD505E. It was not mentioned in the Operating Instructions for KX-TG8421E but was nevertheless available on it.
When a dialled number was engaged this feature allowed my telephone to call back the engaged number automatically every 40 seconds up to 12 times. This has been a most useful facility when trying to place a call with a heavily engaged number.
I am contemplating replacing my present Panasonic cordless phone with KXTGC222E. Can you tell me please if the Auto Redial facility is available on this model?
Iain xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.
Unfortunately, Mr. Macdonald, this feature is lacking on the 222 model. Really, it is absent from most all current phone models. This has become the case because the feature just wasn't in high demand, so they have started leaving it off in favor of other features that are more popular.While the function doesn't exist on this system, you may have a comparable function available as an account feature through your phone company. Many telephone providers will have a feature where you enter a code, such as *xx (where xx is a code from your phone co), followed by the desired number, and it will ring you back when available. The system does have a standard redial however, where you can repeatedly press redial to ring the last number, or scroll through a list of the last 5 called numbers to repeat any of them. Best regards,Nathan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear Nathan, Thank you for your reply to my initial question. You have not only answered my point but you have also provided me with some background information that helps me to understand the position. You have said that the Auto Redial feature is 'absent from most all current phone models'. That suggests that it is still present on some current phone models. If that is the case can you advise me if it is present in any currently available Panasonic models that I might consider buying. What I want would have two handsets and include an answering machine. Is there any possibility there?
Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I wanted to be absolutely certain before giving any additional information. I've thoroughly researched the entire panasonic catalogue as well as confirmed with panasonic support that none of their current lineup has the auto redial feature. It looks like they dropped that entirely in about 2012. I see no other models of other brands that have this either.If you happen to have a smartphone, (android or apple) there are some auto dialer apps for them, that will handle this task for you. Many of the panasonic models now have built in bluetooth as well, which will pair up with your phone. In that situation, you'd dial the number through the app on a smartphone, and it would ring you when the call connects, and if linked up, would ring on the panasonic as well so you could answer it there. Best regards,Nathan
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