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Category: Phone Systems
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We have 4 x Gigaset Voip C430 phones here in our studio, and they

Customer Question

Hi, We have 4 x Gigaset Voip C430 phones here in our studio, and they keep having issues with calls. Sometimes they will not ring if someone calls, and sometimes they will ring but can't be answered. When I press the green answer button nothing happens, the phone continues to ring but can't be answered (though the ringtone will stop). I have to wait for the caller to hang up for the call to leave the phone's screen. Immediately after this I have tested phones and they won't make or receive calls, sometimes a message comes up on the screen saying 'registration at provider failed'. Sometimes they sort themselves out and sometimes I will just turn the base unit off and on again. Sometimes they will go silent and cut out mid call as well. All phones have rechargable batteries in and full battery bars.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Phone Systems
Expert:  ITPeter replied 3 years ago.
Hi Sarah, Normally when you see a "registration at provider failed" message it is because of a network issue. Is your internet router that runs your VoIP phone on a Dynamic or Static IP address? You may need to ask your internet service provider to find this out.If it is not a static IP address then it can cause this problem.You can also try unplugging the Gigaset base unit that plugs into your internet router for 2 minutes then plug back in – the phones should then register again.Please also re-boot your router if you haven't already done so.Let me know how you get on...Pete.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Pete,Thanks for this. We are on a static IP, however we've rebooted the router lots of times and it's never fixed the issue, and the same with unplugging the base unit. The phones do reconnect and in fact will reconnect after a couple of minutes even if I do nothing with the base unit. Could the base unit be faulty?
Expert:  ITPeter replied 3 years ago.
Hi Sarah,It is unlikely that the base unit has a fault, however it may have a loose or intermittent network connection.If you are using a wireless network then wireless interference may be another possible source of interruption.To eliminate these, try testing the phone system at a different location using a different router if possible.If the phone system does have the same problem at a different location too, then it is more likely that the base unit is faulty.Pete.