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4 x pressurised shower system one shower works

Customer Question

4 x pressurised shower system one shower works shower does not come on at all until pump activated by using another shower awaiting fitment hot and cold inlets capped.the other shower which is adjacent the one that works perfectly comes on ok but surges.i have isolated the fault to the hot supply.even with the shower mixer removed and the cold supply isolated it surges.the only thing different between the surging shower and the one that works perfectly is their separate shut off valves....i have put the problem of the surging shower to you recently.elleven pounds was paid from my credit card but i did not get an answer.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Brian replied 5 years ago.
Hi my name is Brian.
I am sorry you have had trouble with the website, so you don,t pay more than you expect I would like to suggest that we cancel your question/s and get you money refunded. then you can post this again now you know how it all works.
I will say that this question is quite difficult to answer without seeing the pipe work but well worth re-posting as we will give you a refund if requested
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you.I have contacted just answer on the telephone and explained the situation.I have now registered properly and the cash for my original

question will be refunded.I realise the question is not easy.Why should one shower surge when the one a yard away is OK?It worked ok for a while before it started surging.If the temperature is lowered the surging decreases.If I turn it on to full heat it surges but if I turn the one next to it on the surging stops but the temperature is a lot lower,as is the flow.I suspect that somehow there is a restriction at the hot inlet isolation valve but that involves a deal of work to get to.I want to be pretty sure first!

Expert:  Brian replied 5 years ago.
Hi glad your all sorted out with the money side.

The reason for the pump surging is definitely water starvation either due to a lack of flow or air being sucked in to the pipework.

What type of pump is it and how is it connected to the cylinder, surry /essex flange or other means?

what is the flow rate difference when the pump is switched off between the good shower and bad shower, on its highest temperature? Just run it for 30 seconds into a bucket and measure the litres

How high is the header tank in the loft above the shower head?

I presume your stuck with the pump you have got no chance of returning it and getting a different type. just in case
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you.I also think it is due to lack of flow,which leads me back to the inlet isolation valve either partially blocked or not fully open.The pump is heavy duty & is connected to the cylinder via a surrey flange.Flow from good shower 2.01 lts.flow from bad 0.70lts. header tank in loft is raised and aprox 2m.above all 3 shower heads,incidentally directly above the shower that does not flow at all unless pressurised by by turning one of other 2.on momentarily.I doubt that the pump is the problem as it delivers even with more than one on.I will check if the inlet isolation valve is causing restricted flow.There is still the problem of the one will not start?

Expert:  Brian replied 5 years ago.
No I dont think your pump is the problem I was second guessing the need for a negative head pump. But you should be fine with a 0.2 bar head of pressure from your header tank. You definitely have a flow problem from both the other showers if you have inline screwdriver isolating valves these will restrict the pipework considerably and should be replaced with full flow valves if at all possible. If the hot pipework runs through the loft make sure that it is as low as possible with no dips or rises.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you.All my isolating valves are inline screwdriver.I shall replace with full flow and feel quietly confident that will cure the problem.Regarding the shower that does not flow until pump activated by using one of the other showers.I suspect there must be some sort of spring loaded entry valve into the mixer that does not open under the pressure produced by the head from the cold tank in the attic.That is odd as it is directly bellow the tank,whereas the others are a few meters.Once flow begins under pump pressure it is perfect.Probably a question for the manufacturers.Unless you have the answer.Thank you for advice so far.

Expert:  Brian replied 4 years ago.
I think you may have a high pressure cartridge in that one and you need a universal. what make is it?