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radiators are airlocked . the valves are stuck. what are the

Customer Question

radiators are airlocked . the valves are stuck. what are the other ways i can bleed the radiators. billy
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 4 years ago.

Andrew Smith : Depending on the age of your radiators, is there a 1/2" plug you can crack open that the air vent is part of?
JACUSTOMER-nz8czmij- :

i dont know what the 1/2 inch plug is???? The radiators are about 20yrs old fairly thick metal. Can a new vent be fitted as they stand. Present vent is on the inside close to wall.

Andrew Smith : If the vent is on the back side close to the wall then no you cannot unscrew them.
Andrew Smith : the only option is to drain the system, remove the rads and fit new air vents.
Andrew Smith : you may have to use a hacksaw to cut a groove in the old ones and use a screwdriver
Expert:  iiplumbing replied 4 years ago.

Hi Billy


have you sorted this yet?


Before I can make some suggestions is there any way that you can take a photo and post it of the bleed nipple.


The most common reason that the bleed nipple key does not properly locate and slips is that it has a "shoulder" that needs to be ground down first. Worth a try rather than drain down and remove/change the rad