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fixer2013, Property Manager
Category: Plumbing
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Experience:  As an ex -facilities manager I am suitably qualified to assist on general plumbing issues.
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Good evening! We are in the process of converting our garage

Customer Question

Good evening! We are in the process of converting our garage into a playroom with an 'en suite' bathroom coming off it with a shower, sink and toilet. Our builders quoted us a price for doing everything apart from supplying and installing the sanitaryware. We are now in the last few days of the work, and the heating engineer came today to install the radiators. I overheard him saying that there was no hot/water pipes in the en suite. I asked him about it and it turns out that the builder has not done it!! The heating engineer says he is 'pretty confident' he can feed the pipes under the floor to the stoptap in the kitchen, but I am terrified this is going to be lots of work (and I have had a brand new kitchen fitted so don't want the floor taking up...). How or why could the builders not have done this correctly? is this going to be a major problem for us now? We are worried we won't be able to have the en suite now. Apologies for my ignorance in these matters but I would really appreciate some advice. Thank you
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  fixer2013 replied 4 years ago.

Good afternoon, I am sorry it has taken a long time to get to you.


In answer to your query with regards to the builder, Do you have a copy of the contract stating all the stages of the work to be carried out? I take it that there is a cold water feed for the sanitaryware in the en-suite or did he miss this as well? If hehas missed this part then he would be liable under the contract to fix the issue. If it isnt on the contract then there may be no recourse to him.


This may not be helpful but read the contract and if the hot water feed was supposed to have been installed then you should bring to the attention of the builder to rectfy this as per contract. I am sorry but the work to get the pipes in would need some disruption by whoever does the job.


I hope you can get it sorted with minimum fuss., It would be a shame not to have the en-suite as planned


Kind regards




Expert:  fixer2013 replied 4 years ago.
Hello again,
I am just enquiring if you were able to get any answer to your problem with the builder.

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Kind regards