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I would like to withdraw this question

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I would like to withdraw this question as the situation has been resolved as of 28/12/2013 Thanks



We have a ensuite shower in our loft conversion. It is linked to a negative pump- a Salamander ESP 100CPV - which is exclusively for the ensuite shower room. The cold tank is in the loft next to the ensuite. The hot water comes from tank on the first floor in the airing cupboard. The shower pump is located just above the hot water tank in there. We've recently had some work done to the heating system, which has meant that there's been dust and debris flying around in the airing cupboard. I've vacuumed in the cupboard and around the pump as far as possible to get rid of this. However... On Christmas eve the shower decided to slowly stop working. To start it would only pump hot water and any attempts to mix cold water using the shower tap resulted in reduced water pressure from the shower head. Eventually, the shower gave up completely and will now not pump either hot or cold water. When we turn the tap the pump does not respond. In addition we've had 3 short power cuts (about 10 mins each) due to the bad weather (we think). I've been googling - sometimes a bad idea - but when I looked on the Salamander site at the PDF of the installation guide for this shower pump, the 'Trouble shooting' said to check for debris in the pump filters. It also said to check that the cold water storage is correct for the pump (for a bathroom and ensuite it says 80 gallons) which I am assuming ours is as it's been working fine for the last 3 years. So, I really would appreciate a professionals view on the situation we're now in. Is the pump affected by the debris created by the recent fix to the central heating getting into the pump? or is it something we can fix ourselves by resetting the pump (?? - I have no idea if this is possible or not) Any guidance would be appreciated

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Plumbing