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Hi, So im having some trouble in my flat sorting out a shower.

Customer Question

Hi, So im having some trouble in my flat sorting out a shower. Ive had a number of people in to look at it all siting different problems. My shower will not go hot unless i run the cold water tap in the sink at full blast while in the shower. I have been told by plumbers that this is the pressure valve in the shower unit itself. I have home insurance and also British Gas homecare insurance which i would have thought covers something like this. However british gas are saying if it is the shower unit it has nothing to do with them. This lead to a plumber quoting 500 pounds as an estimate to replace a shower unit as it is tiled in, which seems a little expensive?! and this was only an estimate as he couldnt say for sure until he took off some tiles. Any advice here would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you very much
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  PlumbDr replied 4 years ago.

What is the name and model of the shower unit?
Is it an Electric Shower?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Im sorry i have no idea about the make and model of unit. I am not currently residing in the flat. It is electric yes. But iwhat im wondering is what could cause this problem. Would it be the pressure valve? Or something like that?
Expert:  PlumbDr replied 4 years ago.
Hi it could any of the following

May be a faulty microswitch.
May be a faulty flow control/pressure valve.
Element in heating tank may be faulty
Blocked water filter/s

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok so a few things then. Any idea of how you could tell for sure whats wrong with it? Would you have to just get in there to see? And an estimate of how much to replace a shower unit. £500 just seems incredibly expensive to me. I also have two types of insurance and it would be amazing if neither of them covered it. British has homecare which looks after all pipes and boiler and home insurance.
Expert:  PlumbDr replied 4 years ago.

The only way to diagnose it would be an on site visit by an approved plumber.

The first point should be to check the filters are not blocked up - and thereafter the remaining parts to the shower.

Re replacing the shower unit and the estimate of £500. - I cannot comment as I can not see what is involved. It would be like asking a car repairs garage to diagnose an engine fault over the phone ? - they would say bring it in for a days diagnostics.

I would recommend that you have three estimates carried out by 3 local Plumbers - and from there you should get an overall comparison of costs involved.

Re Insurence - From vast experience these policys will not cover you for things like a shower. The cover only relates to I.E pipe burst, leaks or drain / waste blocks. The rest is boiler cover.

For Example: If you have a leaky tap connection - they will come out to assess the tap and upon diagnoses the tap is faulty they will stop the leak (I.E cap the pipe off)but you will not be covered for a replacement tap THEY WILL CHARGE YOU £££

So the cover is for stop leaks / blocks / boiler breakdown (All normally "labour only policy cover" all parts are charged usually retail price plus 150%

In other words the Insurance Cover is worthless - you might as well have a good local plumber ;)