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when I flush my upstairs toilet which is connected to the water

Customer Question

when I flush my upstairs toilet which is connected to the water tank in the loft the loft toilet which is connected to the mains overflows and has a continuous water hammer in the filling valve which can be heard throughout the house. this can be stopped by flushing this toilet.
This also happens sometimes with the dishwasher and the washing machine. and over flows the loft toilet together with water hammer.
from time to time the kitchin tap with spurt.
I always thought this was because the water pressure is too high ,we have a mains water distribution network buried in the road outside the house but when the water board came they said all was ok and of cause when they were here there were no symtoms. Any ideas ? could it be the filling valve on the loft toilet is malfuntioning and causing the overflow and the noise, the noise definity comes from this valve but it appears to work properly
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  PlumbDr replied 4 years ago.

From your description I would change the water inlet valve in the loft toilet and additionally install a non return valve. This will help water backflow pressure to the rest of the system. If you still get hammer noise faster this the next step would be to change the ball cock valve in the water tank - both of these valves have diaphragm valves that perish and can cause water hammer.