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Where can I purchase the washer that fits on the underside

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Where can I purchase the washer that fits on the underside of the fitment that acts as a plug and also a filter to collect bits and pieces that otherwise would get into drainage . We have moved into a property with a Blanco sink fitted with two basins each one having the same type of plug which through wear and tear no longer seal to prevent loss of water but at same time because of the washers not doing their job just drop into the waste pipe hole and prevent the water getting away. Have searched for a model description or number and cannot find anything and have no paperwork at all, please help.

Hi im Gary You can buy replacement sink stoppers, and also a strainer mat at any home/hardware store, also plumbing supply house. They are a standard sized strainer, so any one made for a kitchen sink will work. If you have more questions on this, just reply and i will reply back. Thanks gary

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your response the strainer is metal obviously with drain holes and normally you just push it down and it sealsthen when draining it is just lifted and stays in that position also it is three and a half inches across is this the same as you are suggesting

Yes this is a standard sink strainer. So if you go to any local home/hardware store they will have both your stopper, and the strainer you want, that you can buy them separately. Just tell them its for a kitchen sink, and they will direct you to both parts, and they are inexpensive. (You could take the old one with you just to be sure, but all are standard)